Rumor has it that Overwatch 2 will be released early in early 2021

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Game title Overwatch original released in May 2016 and more than 3 years later at BlizzCon 2019, the sequel to this series has been officially revealed. With the promise of better graphics, new heroes, maps and modes, Overwatch 2 is a name full of promise for fans of the title shooting game cult of Blizzard.


As you know the upcoming BlizzCon event has been postponed and takes place in February 2021, besides recently there have also been rumors that the fourth season of BlizzCon has been postponed. Overwatch League will also return in April, close to BlizzCon. Before this information Twitter user Metroo_OW, the famous leaker who accurately revealed information about Overwatch 2 as well as the hero Ashe in 2018, said that players can hope at least Blizzard will release a beta of Overwatch 2, or if lucky. more, that will be when the Overwatch sequel is officially released.​


Blizzard is known to reveal important information during its own events, so players can fully expect to have more information at the upcoming virtual conference. With the gameplay shown during BlizzCon 2019, many people think that there will be a beta of Overwatch 2 in BlizzCon 2021 not too much for Blizzard.

With the exact disclosure of many confidential information before, Metr .’s shareo_OW is still being trusted by many people. However, like every other time, it’s all just rumors until there’s an official confirmation from Blizzard.​

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