Barbatos – Who is the leader of the sick Batman?

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The human world with its full of vital energy is being threatened by a new force, a force far beyond the power of humans. Justice League or the genius mind of Batman. That force is Barbatos – the devil is controlling 7 sick versions of Batman from the Dark Multiverse. In those 7 versions, each one has a power beyond human imagination and therefore Barbatos must possess crazy powers to corrupt them.. But who exactly is Barbatos? Where was he born and why did he hold the power to easily overwhelm the entire universe?

In Jewish, Muslim as well as Western culture.. King Solomon possessed a magic ring called the Seal of Solomon, which allowed him to imprison and control demons from Hell. One of the 72 demons mentioned is Barbatos – who holds the title of Demon Duke and commands 13 legions for Satan. It is known that he possesses the power to talk to animals, see through the future as well as the past .. along with the ability to make friends with those in power. He served under Satanachia – the commander-in-chief of Satan’s army.


However, in the DC world.. he existed from the very first days when humanity started walking on its own and even became the one who turned Bruce Wayne into Batman. Barbatos’ name was first established in the series Batman stories released in 1990… when Jacob Stockman, Thomas Jefferson and a few other powerful names attempted to perform a ritual sacrifice to instill the spirit of a bat demon into a woman. But when he realized that if he wanted to complete the ceremony, he had to kill the woman himself, the future president of the United States was scared and ran away with his accomplices. This caused Barbatos’ body to be only partially summoned… leaving him imprisoned in the realm that would later become the infamous Gotham.


Hundreds of years later, Batman’s nemesis The Riddler discovers the memoirs of one of the old ritualists, Jacob Stockman. He believes that the evil Barbatos is still imprisoned here and so is determined to find a way to usurp its power. But instead of being able to control Barbatos, The Riddler became a tool in the hands of this evil. As soon as the villain is in his hands, it orders The Riddler to lure Batman into a series of different puzzles.. thereby leading him into the very place where it is imprisoned so that it can be face-to-face. There, Barbatos revealed himself to be an influence on events throughout Gotham history.. even arranging for Bruce Wayne’s parents to perish at the barrel of Joe Chill’s gun. In other words, Barbatos is the creator of the Batman image.


Years after that event, Batman during his war with Darkseid was shot by the dictator with Omega Effect rays and killed him. However, in reality, the body Batman sent back to the past where man began. It is also from here that the reader learns why Batman became a pawn in the hands of the evil Barbatos… There, throughout the journey through different timelines, Batman accidentally fell into Barbatos’ attention thanks to the help of Barbatos. in sharing the symbolism of bat wings. And from here its eyes began to follow the journey of the Dark Knight through so many years, impacting and completely changing history just to control Batman’s soul. His goal is to make Batman the scapegoat for the ceremony to open the gate connecting our universe with the Dark Multiverse – where it has been imprisoned for so long. He knew only with Batman could he make progress in his ambition to take over the world.

Batman knows that so he tries to go back in time so he can kill Barbatos once and for all.. But in the end, the Dark Knight continues to fall into the trap of the bat demon, infecting his body with five years. magical metal and officially opened the gate for Barbatos’ army to enter the human world..

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