Black Desert Mobile officially has a release date

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Pearl Abyss developer officially released Black Desert Mobile for the Korean domestic market from February 28. After 3 days of beta testing, the number of early registrations for the official version has exceeded 4 million, signaling a dream start for the blockbuster game.


Black Desert Mobile is the mobile version of Black Desert Online – one MMORPG Released in 2014 for PC. The game shocked at the time of launch thanks to its outstanding graphics quality, which is not only realistic and beautiful, but also has the ability to customize the character’s shape according to your preferences. About game play, Black Desert Mobile continues to exploit the familiar role-playing game genre, focusing on competitive features, building skill sets with considerable depth. Of course, the skills have been significantly streamlined to suit the environment mobile games. Similar is the team battle feature in activities such as boss fighting or PvP. In addition, the character can also perform many other activities such as fishing, refining, gathering resources, or sailing, which is quite diverse and creates a lifelike world.


The trailer introduces the skills of classes in Black Desert Mobile

According to experts, Black Desert Mobile will most likely be the title mobile games The “biggest” in the wave of Korean games rushing into the Western market this year. Strictly speaking, this could be the biggest mobile game of the year. However, gamers should note that the mobile game version is completely independent from the PC version and cannot exchange data between the two versions.

Presently Black Desert Mobile There is no official release date for the Western market yet.​

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