PUBG gamers are crying because the game lags crazy after the new Update

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Despite the popularity and fame in the gaming community, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Since launching until now, I am still facing the problem of lag. However, since it is still in the Eary Access process, this is quite understandable. Above all, through many different Updates, the optimization ability of PUBG is also improving day by day.


However, in the latest Update, PUBG suddenly turned 180 degrees and made the lag in the game worse. A series of gamers, after receiving this Update, have reported a drop in frame rate in many different scenes.. directly affecting the overall experience.


Some report that the frame drop occurs when looting items, looting the opponent’s body… some lag when opening / closing the map. For some like the writer, the installation of weapon accessories or opening / closing the door is often “delayed”. Therefore, if you encounter the above problems, you are not the only one because right now on the forums PUBG gamers are crying out for this situation. Some gamers even encountered a weirder error that was running slower than their teammates even though both of them were in the same position (holding a gun or dropping a gun).


Some players speculated that this kind of lag could be caused by PUBG having just applied the new Anti-Cheat system, but there is still no solid evidence to confirm this. Developer Bluehole has not officially commented on PUBG’s lag issue but hopes to resolve this issue soon in the near future.

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