Angry customers smashed bottles on Net employees’ heads because they were forced to top up their accounts

A recent video was shared on a group for people net business could not help but make many people very angry and indignant. Accordingly, the video recorded the scene where a male employee was hit on the head by a young man holding a bottle because the employee asked to top up his account before opening the machine to play. The reason is that this object came to play the net many times but was short of money. At this time, the staff learned from experience and decided to force the young people to “give money to scoop porridge”.

The clip was shared by the owner himself.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

Watching the clip, it can be seen that, after a moment of threatening face, pulling the hat from the employee’s head, the subject immediately grabbed the glass bottle at the foot of the table and hit the employee’s head, causing the bottle to break. The employee held his head and stood up. After that, a few people came to intervene, but the other thug was still very aggressive and threatening. According to net shop owner shared that this young man had caused trouble at the shop many times, this time he had a bit of yeast in his body, so he beat the staff. The entire video recording the incident at that time was sent directly to the police by the owner to report it.


However, the very next day, it seemed that he was aware of his thugs or afraid of being sued, so this young man immediately went to apologize to the owner as well as the staff.


However, the incident still made many people angry, indignant as well as sad for the employee, just going to work for a salary and having to suffer such a dangerous accident. According to the shop owner, after taking the photo, in the afternoon, until now, the victim’s head has not shown any serious symptoms, but note that further monitoring is still required.


That said, net shop It is the gathering place of all the most complicated elements, from schoolchildren, students, men, women, young buffaloes, playing around to rogue elements named “gangsters”. That’s why it’s so complicated, so it’s also in this place, that net shop owners always have to deal with countless calamities in the sky and in the pool. Needless to say, that alone is enough to understand how brave people are in the internet business. Europe is also because of a piece of rice, they have to accept everything.

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