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Top 100 most powerful weapons in the game world (P2)

Gunblade – Final Fantasy 8

Combine the two most basic weapons in the history of mankind and you have the Gunblade – the sword first appeared in Final Fantasy 8. As the primary weapon of Squall Leonhart as well as Seifer Almasy, the Gunblade is ready to welcome. Fight enemies at both close and long range. In fact, with the first generation of Gunblade, the needle and bullet mechanism is not used to fire, but to drive a shock wave on the blade and increase damage. However, with the later generations of Gunblade appearing in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7, Advent Children or Final Fantasy 13, this weapon can fire directly.. making it a popular and powerful weapon. in the world of Final Fantasy.


Red Queen – Devil May Cry 4

Speaking of swords combined with unique mechanics in the virtual world, we can’t help but mention the Red Queen – the violent sword in the hands of Nero. Although bearing the style of a Messer (an ancient German sword), Red Queen applies the gearshift mechanism of a motorcycle. It is this feature that allows Nero to “shift the throttle” and push the Red Queen’s damage to the extreme. The sight of Nero twisting the hilt of his sword with a roaring muffler and a fiery red blade, is truly imprinted in fans’ minds as the coolest image.


Tihar – Metro 2033

When human civilization was engulfed in ruins and people had to hide under subway stations, the technology of producing weapons was also dragged back to the stone age. Because the ability to produce modern weapons can no longer be maintained, the survivors must collect waste to create the most basic guns. One of them is the Tihar – a pneumatic rifle with a very peculiar shape. To use the Tihar, the user must first activate the pump lever located parallel to the barrel, allowing air to press into the chamber and push the bullet out. Loss of time and trouble are the two fatal weaknesses of Tihar.


But above all, Tihar’s advantages completely overshadowed its weaknesses. The first element of Tihar’s money is the type of ammo it uses. Instead of consuming precious 5.45mm tapes, the Tihar uses ordinary iron balls, easily found in the post-apocalyptic world of Metro 2033. Not only that, but this is also one of the guns that work silently. most silent, allowing gamers to blow away enemy heads from afar without revealing their location.

Lightsaber – Star Wars

Yes, we are talking about not only the most famous weapon in the game but also the entire entertainment industry… Lightsaber. Bringing the elegance of Katana and the power of the Force Crystal, the Lightsaber is the ultimate weapon in the hands of Jedi and Sith knights. While it only functions as a melee weapon, it carries power far beyond any military technology developed by the entire galaxy out there. Bringing the absolute heat from the plasma generated by the Kyper crystal, the Lightsaber can slice through any object.. whether it’s a human body or tens of centimeters of steel.


Not only that with a martial arts system built around the Lightsaber, this weapon also has incredible power in terms of speed, skill and damage. In the hands of the Force users, they can fly laser projectiles and destroy dozens of enemies with terrifying speed.. All of which make it one of the immortal symbols of the Star Wars world.


The entire Duke Nukem series revolves around humor, ridiculousness and frenetic action… and its weapons carry the same characteristics. While the weapon strains in the FPS game aim for a single goal of killing enemies, Duke Nukem’s Shrinker has an unrelated function. There, this gun will make enemies in the game shrink to a super small size, so much so that just one shoe heel will all be crushed under your feet.

Because of Shrinker’s unique characteristics, it is more like a toy for gamers to naughty than a weapon to destroy enemies. Even in the game, you can even shrink yourself if you shoot Shrinker in the mirror..


To be continued.

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