The 4-year journey of a chicken player to avenge his PK enemy

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It is said that “a gentleman takes revenge 10 years is not late”.. and in the game world, although 10 years is a far away number, its meaning remains the same for this gamer. The story of Darvo – a player of the title MMO Set in the famous space Eve Onlinestarting from 2013.

That day, he and other newcomers entered the online arena of Eve Online with the desire to enjoy one of the most famous online games in the gaming industry. But at that moment, a gamer named Kackpappe appeared out of nowhere and claimed to sink Darvo to the bottom. Reason? Simply because Kackpappe is a Griefer – a noun for those who just want to break other people’s games.


The way for Kackpappe to harass Darvo in Eve Online is to use the “declare war” function. In this way, he will make Darvo, who is a beginner, will not be able to get up because he is constantly fighting.

Darvo shared on the Reddit forum.


Time passed and Darvo began to establish his place in the PvP community. He practices regularly and sets up various accounts to continuously participate in the online arena. Even Darvo with three friends formed a separate alliance with the goal of working in tandem with or against large organizations.

It went on like that until recently, when Darvo caught sight of Kackpappe trying to join a new “conglomeration”. At that moment, a 4-year feud appeared in Darvo’s eyes… making him plan to take revenge.


Next, Darvo and his teammates made up a series of “political” reasons to make Kackpeppe believe that he had to teleport to this exact location with his stuff. As soon as he appeared, Kackpeppe found him surrounded by a fleet of warships. Immediately Kackpeppe was pre-empted with frenzied fire, making his “wealth” if not taken, completely destroyed in the fight. The total damage that Kackpeppe took was about 4.2 billion units of in-game currency.


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