Mobius Final Fantasy – Legend of Cloud Strife officially returns

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Mobius Final Fantasy was released by Square Enix in 2015 as a cross-platform RPG game for both PC and mobile, but it was not until recently that the game added the Ultimate Hero character class after the decision to collaborate with Final Fantasy VII Remake. Accordingly, Ultimate Hero includes the classic protagonists of the series Final Fantasythe first Hero is Lightning, the Hero appearing in this December update is Cloud Strife.


The return of the male lead FFVII comes with a new storyline for Mobius Final Fantasy, allowing gamers to team up with Cloud to explore Mako Reactor. In addition to the addition of new characters, the December update also offers many gifts for gamers. This is an ideal time for gamers who are new to Final Fantasy VII Remake or those who want to return to the experience.


Trailer Ultimate Hero Cloud Strife

December activities include a special “Eclipse Contact” event starting December 2 that allows gamers to earn Aerith’s signature Umbrella weapon. Various Final Fantasy VII Remake cards were released, including the Cloud card that provided the ability to make the character look like Cloud Strife in the middle of a battle. The focus is the series of Christmas events that will start from the 17th to the 25th including many attractive rewards.

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