Fortnite appeared a bug for gamers to “swim” under the map and kill the server

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Games like PUBG nice Fortnite With the appearance of Hacker is no longer a strange thing. Dirty tools that allow them to automatically capture targets, see through walls or even “swim” under the surface of the map are images that are not uncommon with crowded games like this. However, many times the game also naturally appears errors, making gamers become reluctant Hackers when accidentally discovered.

That can be considered as what happened to Fortnite when the game Battle Royale This has just appeared a very serious bug that allows gamers to go underground and clean the whole Server without being shot back.


Specifically, this bug appears in the Fatal Fields area of ​​the game when players by using the construction mechanism and constantly changing materials will allow them to get under the surface of the map. This not only allows them to see the entire player overhead, but also gives them the ability to fire freely and not worry about being shot back. You can see the entire process of gamers taking advantage of this error below.


This is a very serious error that threatens to completely destroy the balance of Fortnite. Although most say that this bug only appears in the Fatal Fields area, a few other gamers believe that Salty Springs also suffers the same fate. Although each error comes from the game and the developer, taking advantage of this error is still counted as “Cheating”, which can completely lead to account lockout if detected by the developer.


Epic Games There is now an official announcement about the situation, encouraging gamers to stay calm and not take advantage of this error while the development team conducts an Update to fix the error. Epic Games also recommends gamers Fortnite “report” anyone taking advantage of the above error via the link:​

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