League of Legends: Top 5 most disappointing players at Worlds 2020

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1. Unicorns Of Love – Boss


It is not surprising that the LCL Unicorns Of Love champion lost 6 matches in the group stage. However, the performance of Boss in particular and Unicorns Of Love in general made many people disappointed when everyone thought that they would earn at least 1 win against Fly Quest with their unique pick and ban ability and gameplay. full of dedication. But all that remains is hope.

Boss is player yes KDA the lowest in the upper lane, 1.1. He’s also the top laner with the highest average laydowns of 4.7 and a mere 48% kill participation rate.

2. LGD Gaming – Peanut


In the campaign Worlds 2020 of LGD, Peanut is the most criticized name. Peanut has shown a rather lackluster performance since the play-in round, causing LGD Gaming to have a hard time finding a ticket to the group stage. After that, LGD continued to show a weak performance compared to other opponents in Group C. The loss to direct competitor Fnatic closed the door for LGD to move on.

Peanut continues to become one of LGD’s weakest links. Gank is ineffective, control is too bad, but the effect in combat is also very modest, Peanut is receiving harsh looks from the fan community. Chinese League of Legends, even with 3 wins in the death group. There are some doubts as to whether Peanut is the right choice to return to the top?

3. Team SoloMid – Bjergsen


This is a difficult time for Team SoloMid in particular and LCS Generally speaking. According to the statistics of Riot Games, TSM was the first 1st seeded team to lose all of its group stage matches in a single term Worlds. Before the start of this year’s Worlds, many had high hopes for the reigning North American champion and also the greatest team in LCS history. Although going back to the tournament League of Legends the largest on the planet after 3 years of absence, TSM’s performance has not improved. In the first leg of the 2020 World Championship group stage, TSM struggled to adapt to the playstyle of the three group rivals. They played passively and did not give the appropriate strategy when facing the rest of the teams. TSM did not have the best preparation and often showed signs of exhaustion early on.

Captain Bjergsen, TSM’s brightest star, was completely defeated by the younger mid laners and failed to make too many marks in the fateful moments of the game. He even showed his lack of confidence to the point of using cards with a tendency to support. Bjergsen himself could not make correct decisions and call team effective.

4. Team SoloMid – Doublelift


It can’t be said that TSM’s ADC has not improved in terms of gameplay, however, more is expected of an ADC who is planning to get married if he can make it through the group stage. Has restrained a lot of unnecessary aggressive phase, but there are still situations where Doublelift is caught oddly and handles confusing skills. In addition, when he lost the champions, this guy didn’t show much.

Doublelift does not have the ability to hold position in each teamfight. Gunners born in 1993 either lay down too quickly, or else they didn’t help during the survival in combat. Doublelift’s psychological problems and skills that have somewhat deteriorated over the years are at an alarming level and he will need to improve a lot for bigger goals next season.

5. Machi Esport – Koala


Formerly, Machi Esports known only as a middleweight team in the region LMS, but when the great physical strength of LMS like AHQ, Flash Wolves started to weaken, Machi Esports has taken steps to become a top team. In general, Machi’s playstyle does not have many special points, although sometimes they are still ready to focus the squad to fight early.

Koala is a veteran player of Taiwanese League of Legends. Having participated many times at Worlds, this player’s experience has contributed greatly to Machi Esports’ championship at PCS Summer 2020. However, that doesn’t seem to have much effect at this year’s Worlds. Koala possesses extremely low stats, the level of influence on the game decreases over time and that is the main reason why he is on this list. Koalas often show signs of psychological stress, which directly causes Machi to play a lethargic performance in their final match.​

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