Thanos is not the only one with “gloves” in Avengers Infinity War

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Trailer of Avengers Infinity War It’s been around for a while and it immediately created an unprecedented effect among superhero movie fans. The first impression in that trailer is Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. Once the 6 Stones are assembled, it will allow the owner to possess the ultimate power across both space and time.


However in the latest trailer of Avengers Infinity War during the event Super Bowl then Thanos is not the only one with “gloves”. Over there Captain America , one of the focal points of the previous trailer has continued to appear in this trailer with a completely new weapon that combines a gauntlet and shield. In fact, fans have seen “a glimpse” of this weapon before, but only now have it been revealed with a complete image with the operating mechanism.

Avengers Infinity War movie trailer.

Witnessing the new weapon in action, we can see that it is a perfect combination of combat gloves and shields, between attack and defense. In its normal state, it can be retracted with a radius equal to the user’s arm while activating it in battle mode will allow it to unfold like a mini-shrap. Not only that, this weapon is also equipped with a pointed tip at the head to support the ability to deal damage to the opponent’s body.


Interestingly, this new toy is specially made by Shuri – the teenage sister of Black Panther. Despite his young age, Shuri has taken a leadership role in Wakanda’s scientific research and development team. She is also considered to be the most intelligent person in this kingdom.

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