PUBG released a new Update – Removed bullet blocking… manually

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You must be feeling confused by now with the title of the article with questions like whether in the past players could dodge bullets with their hands inside. PUBG? Or a new Hack software spreading on the network that no one knows? Or even a game bug that the developer ignored for over a year?


In fact, this is completely natural, which happens in PUBG without many gamers noticing. Previously in the test version or Update 1.0, PUBG always distributed damage on different body parts.. such as body, head or extremities. This creates an intensive system in gameplay, directly affecting the tactics and accurately reflecting the player’s skills.


However, when moving, especially in gunfights where the player performs a multitude of different movements (running, lying, sitting or raising a gun ..), the arm can accidentally move into the bullet’s path. capital for the first part. In other words, most PUBG gamers have once accidentally become Wonder Woman using her hands to block bullets. But now with the new Update being tested in Server Test, this case will be completely eliminated.


There, PUBG will offer a quadruple shot system, which allows the bullet to fly through the legs and arms to continue to deal damage to the body. Presently Bluehole details on how this system work have not been revealed yet, but it is predicted that when the bullet will fly through the legs and arms, the amount of damage will be slightly reduced afterwards.. Besides the system This penetration will also apply to vehicles. However, we still have to wait for the official confirmation of the developer.

In addition, this Update will add the Voice Chat feature in the Main Menu, in parallel with the in-game friend system. All information about PUBG and new content will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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