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first. Kindred


As a 3-money piece belonging to the Soul clan and the Hunter system, Kindred once made a splash in season 2 with the move Fear Rising. When cast, wolves will rush to bite the target that Kindred is attacking, dealing 450/650/1000 magic damage, and reducing their healing by 50% for 5 seconds. Kindred’s interesting point is its very low mana, only 35 mana. In addition, when used, Kindred will also glide for a short distance, the ability to help her have more mobility and be able to escape from the opponent’s directional skills or damage influence.

If activated enough clan, Kindred has both magic damage and hand damage due to the high added attack speed from soul pieces. In addition, if there is a Hunter buff, then every few seconds, Kindred will prioritize attacking the target with the lowest health percentage and deal extra damage, making it easier for you to defeat the dying prey in a better way. .

The reason that Kindred is rarely used is because she is usually just supernumerary for the Hunter squad, leaving the stage for Aphelios, Ashe or Warwick to perform. However, if possible, try the Soul squad with the top Mysteries and Pioneers, then let Kindred be the mainstay. As long as she is alive, the damage dealt will be enormous.​

  • Recommended equipment is: Blue Amulet, Gem Gauntlet, Hextech Gunblade, Mercury Cloak.​

  • Suitable lineup: Moon Tribe – Hunter or Soul – Mysterious​

2. Xin Zhao


Usually War players Generals will focus items on Katarina to ensure that each rotation is to evaporate several targets. Or if you play Duel, Kalista with the ability to stab an infinite spear will also be favored. But not many people know that this whole set of chess has another pretty strong 3-money card, Xin Zhao. With the ability Crescent Moon Spear, Xin Zhao will sweep his spear in an arc in front of him dealing 1 percentage of damage based on his attacks, and inflicting challenge effects on hit targets. in 6 seconds. While in this state, Xin Zhao will deal bonus hand damage to them, and take 85% less damage from all other sources. This is a very powerful skill for both attack and defense.

The reason why Xin Zhao is rarely chosen to carry the team is mostly from Katarina and Kalista, 2 cards that are also around the same price as Xin Zhao in the lineup will be a safer solution. Obviously, you’re going to want an assassin like Katarina, a long-armed one tanker like Kalista instead of a melee unit like Xin Zhao. However, if your Xin Zhao gets to 2 early, even up to 3 stars, just give it a try.​

  • Recommended equipment: Mantle of Mercury, Fist of Justice, Colossal Power​

  • Suitable lineup: Chien General – Duel

3. Irelia


Continuing is another 3 gold chess piece, one of the few generals who owns 3 clans. Possessing the Holy Spirit, Enlightenment and Grandmaster, Irelia will often be used to this advantage to become a secondary dual, sandwiched into many different squads. Possessing the move Vanguard Blade, Irelia will launch a series of swords in a V-shape dealing 200/300/600 magic damage, applying effects on hit, and enemies hit by the blade will be damaged. disarm in 2.5/3/3.5 seconds.

If you have a strong enough Irelia, the opponent’s front line will be like a portable sandbag no less because they can’t attack normally when being eaten by this girl’s skills.​

  • Recommended equipment: Fist of Justice, Angel Armor, Dragon Claw, Thief Gloves​

  • Suitable lineup: 6 Enlightenment, Duel – Grandmaster

4. Lux


Lux’s skill is Light Lock, when used, Lux will launch a ball of light in the direction of the furthest unit dealing 300/400/700 magic damage to all units in flight, less stun for 1.5/2/3 seconds. The Holy Tribe allows Lux after 6 attacks or her health to drop to 50% to take 25% less damage from all sources and deal bonus true damage until the end of the round. If Lux can play the game and use this skill continuously in combat, this will be a very powerful control and damage machine.

  • Recommended equipment: Hextech Gunblade, Blue Amulet, Witch’s Hat, Gem Gloves, Demon Book Morello​

  • Suitable lineup: Enchantment – ​​Mysterious or Holy – Grandmaster​

5. Jarvan IV


Although it only costs 2 coins, the carrying potential of Jarvan very big again. Belonging to War General – Protector, this guy’s skill is Christmas Dragon Strike. When cast, Jarvan will stab the spear towards the furthest enemy within 3 squares and send himself to that location. All enemies in the path take 175/250/500 magic damage and are knocked up for 2 seconds.​

  • Recommended equipment: Angel Armor, Lightning Crossbow, Demon Book Morello​

  • Suitable formation: War General – Protector

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