Pro gamers refuse to load games, give money to charity

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Most of the revenue of FIFA 21as well as most titles sports games other annual releases, all of which come from players purchasing in-game currency to use in various game modes, such as FIFA Ultimate Team for example. However, some players don’t like that and prefer to improve their personal skills, for example pro gamer Schwartmann.​


Tim “Tim Latka” Schwartmann is a pro gamer for FIFA and has played for FC Schake 04. Esports for more than four years now. Just weeks before FIFA 21’s release, the gamer announced he would no longer spend money on the game as he felt it was his responsibility to prove that a gamer’s wallet doesn’t equate to his skill. Instead, he and his team will donate the intended amount to buy in-game packs for charity.


In fact, EA’s FUT mode still has a bit of a pay-to-win feel, some players are willing to shell out thousands of dollars to get an ideal, season-ready roster, of course some Players are not interested in this at all. Either way, Schawarmann and his team’s charitable giving is still a noble act worthy of praise and will bring happiness to many people.​

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