The developer was threatened by fans for making Peter Parker look too much like Tom Holland

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As one of the most popular PS4 games, of course Marvel’s Spider-Man there will be a PS5 version. However, recently when the PS5 version of the game had some changes, the Insomniac development team suffered a series of criticisms and criticisms from the fans. Let’s see what the cause is.​

Peter Parker PS5 version (left) and PS4 original (right)

Given that the Peter Parker character in both the original PS4 and the upcoming PS5 remake will be voiced by popular game and animator Yuri Lowenthal, fans expect to see a Peter Parker with a moldy face. John Bubniak’s face merged with Yuri Lowenthal’s voice. However, when the images were released, players realized that Peter Parker’s face was modeled after the face of the new model, Ben Jorden, which immediately caused a wave of outrage from the Spider community. -Man PS4.​


Ben Jorden – New model of the character Peter Parker

A group of irrational fans began to threaten Insomniac creative director Bryan Intihar as well as other members of the game development team. Mr. Bryan also urged players to stay calm and respect each member of the development team. What fueled the player’s anger was the “credible” sounding hypothesis that Insomniac Games how to make the character look more like Tom Holland – the actor who plays the role Spiderman of the MCU. To the doubts and indignation of gamers, Sony and developer Insomniac Games explained that they changed the model to Jorden just because he has a mouth shape that better matches the pronunciation of the voice actor Lowenthal.​

Some people believe that Insomniac did this to make the character look like Tom Holland

The same thing happened with The Last of Us 2, a part of the extremist players sent life threats to the voice actress for the character Abby. Naugty Dog also later announced that they allow players to critique the work but absolutely do not tolerate harassment and threats to the actors. Maybe players are angry and unhappy with the developer’s decision but personal attacks are clearly the right behavior, and moreover it won’t change anything.​

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