Discover the strange rule at Esports school: All students are not allowed to ride in the elevator

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In recent years, the virtual world industry has been developing rapidly and expanding. The professions that come with it such as game streamer, caster, professional player … are also increasingly popular and become the choice of many young people. It gives them many job opportunities as well as an ideal income.​


Whereby Esports It has also become a subject that many high schools and colleges are interested in. In addition to becoming an extracurricular or organizing friendly matches for students, some schools also include Esports in the curriculum. There are even schools established that specialize in teaching students… to play games.

As a country that loves video games, there are many stars in Japan Esports School, the life and what the students here experience also attract the attention of a large number of online communities. Recently on a forum of gamer, someone shares strict rules at an Esports school. Here, students are not allowed to use the elevator but have to take the stairs to the lecture hall.​


It is known that most of the classrooms of this school are located on the 10th floor of the building, with the rule that when going to class, do not use the elevator, all students in the school are forced to climb from the 1st floor to the 10th floor if they want to. get to class. Those who violate this rule and are found will not be able to touch the computer for a week, for students of Esports school, this is not a pleasant thing for cam.​


Although this is a rather strict and strange regulation, it is not difficult to explain, because gamers are those who sit in front of a computer screen for a long time continuously, lack of exercise will lead to many bad consequences. after. This regulation of the school helps students to be active without taking up too much time to practice.​

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