How to safely top up VNG and League of Legends Riot Games cards

Riot Games after owning League of Legends proceeded to change the extremely preferential RP conversion price for gamers. So hurry up and grab this opportunity to top up the League of Legends Riot VNG card to own a huge RP package.

Loading League of Legends Riot VNG cards at this time will be more beneficial than ever because the RP value received on the Riot server will increase 5 times compared to the Garena server. Along with that is a mass discount of items and costumes that will help you own rare League of Legends Riot VNG skins without spending too much.

Reference: How to link League of Legends Garena account with VNG Riot Games

How to nap the riot phone alliance?

Guide to top up League of Legends Riot VNG thẻ

I. Changes in price and RP in League of Legends Riot VNG

League of Legends after converting to the new NPH, the RP value of the item was also restructured and adjusted to the price in accordance with the price structure across the region. Existing items in your account will not be affected by this refactoring.
– The RP price on the Riot server changes specifically as follows:
+ 1000VND = 10.6 RP (an increase of 8.4 RP compared to Garena server).
+ Ezreal Warrior Academy skin: 1,820 RP (7.27 USD = 171,770 VND).
+ Sweet Tea Shop Gwen Outfit: 1,350 RP (5.39USD = 127.411 VND).
+ Multicolor Grand Admiral Glasc: 290 RP (1.16 USD = 27,370 VND).
+ Dragon World Grand Admiral Egg: 490 RP (1.96 USD = 46,246 VND).

II. How to top up VNG League card, League of Legends Riot Games

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Visit the Riot Game homepage and create a Riot ID account
Step 2: Open League of Legends, go to the Store => select Buy RP.
Step 3: Select package => Payment.

2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: First you need to install League of Legends VNG on your computer.

Reference: How to download and install League of Legends VNG

Step 2: Visit Riot Games homepage HERE => Select Log in.

how to download the riot phone alliance on pc

Step 3: Import username, password (1) or login with Facebook, Google, Apple ID, Xbox accounts.

Reference: How to create a League of Legends account 2023

Step 4: Click arrow icon Go.

How to connect the riot phone alliance on computer?

Step 5: Self-set Riot ID and Tagline optional => Press Save changes.
– Tagline consists of 5 digits, can be set manually or randomly selected from the system.
– You can change your Riot ID after 30 days.

How to download RP of riot phone alliance?

Step 6: Open League of Legendspress shop icon => Select buy RP.

how to nap RP alliance phone server VNG

Step 7: Here will display the name RiotID together Tagline you just created.
Step 8: Select payment methods => Click shopping cart icon in the respective package.
– For example: Taimienphi choose to pay with ZaloPay.

Huong Dan nap the alliance server VNG

Step 9: Press Pay now

how to nap the alliance VNG riot game

Step 10: Open ZaloPay to scan QR code displayed on the screen for payment.
Step 11: Select Check transaction results to review the status of your card purchase.

How to nap the alliance?
Once you have successfully loaded the League of Legends Riot VNG card, you can use the purchased RP to exchange champions, unlock new and more attractive skins and game modes. Spend and use your RP wisely.

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How to top up League of Legends Riot VNG thẻ

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4 Ways to load Zing cards safely and with many incentives

To own the necessary support items, good costumes from big game publishers like VNG or ZingPlay, players are required to load Zing cards. There are many different methods of loading Zing cards from traditional to extremely convenient online Zing card top-ups.

In order to increase the experience when playing games from NPH VNG and Zing play, many gamers choose to load the Zing card to pay for the game to own great resources. Similar to how to top up Gosu, cheap and highly discounted Zing card recharge, safety and prestige are always of special interest to users, please choose the most suitable form of Zing card top-up in the following ways.

How to nap the zing payment game

Instructions to top up cheap Zing card for game payment

I. What is the Zing card used for?

Currently, there are many hot games from the big game publisher VNG and Zing play. Almost all of them have a Zing card recharge feature for players to buy preferential packages, costumes and support items, etc. For example, top up Zing Speed ​​cards to buy good cars, buy rare costumes,. ..Top up Zing PUBG Mobile card to own a terrible RP package, receive attractive rewards.

II. How to top up cheap Zing card with high discount

1. Top up Zing card via MoMo . wallet
Step 1: Download and install the app MoMo about phone.
– Download link MoMo for Android here.
– Download link MoMo for iPhone here.

Step 2: Access the Zing card top-up website with MoMo HERE
Step 2: Select supplier Zing => Denominations => Quantity purchased.
Step 3: Fill Email get card code => Press Continue.

how to download the game via micro

Step 4: India Agree => Choose payment method MoMo Wallet => Press Pay.

how to nap the zing via momo app

Step 5: India Pay with MoMo Wallet => Select payment method MoMo wallet.
Step 6: Confirm to top up Zing card with MoMo.

How to nap the zing bang with momo

2. Top up Zing card via Zalopay, up to 5% discount
Step 1: Download and install app ZaloPay about phone.
– Download link ZaloPay for Android here.
– Download link ZaloPay for iPhone here.

Step 2: Access the link to top up Zing card via ZaloPay HERE
Step 3: Import game name want to load Zing card search box or choose from List of games by ZingPay.

Each game will ask to enter different types of information. The method of loading Zing card below is for reference only, not applicable to the entire game list of Zing Pay.

– Example: Taimienphi top up Zing card via Zalopay for the game League of Legends VNG.

How to nap the zing game payment via zalopay

+ Fill Riot ID => Select Confirm.
+ Press shopping cart icon at the Zing card top-up package you want to buy => Select Pay now.

how to nap the zing bang app zalopay

+ India Confirm => Select Open the ZaloPay application.

how to nap the zing bang using zalopay

+ Select the payment source as ZaloPay => Press Transaction confirmation.

how to nap the zing zalopay

3. Top up Zing card online, top up Zing card via ATM/iBanking
Step 1: Sign up for Internet Banking service for your bank account.
Step 2: Open ZingPay homepage HERE
Step 3: Select the game you want to load by Enter game name enter search box => Login to your ZingID account.
Step 4: Press Confirm => Payment information option
– Select server => Figure => Currency unit in game if available.
– Click payment method: ATM/iBanking card => Press Continue.
Step 5: Select denominations => Bank => Press the button Pay.
Step 6: Press the button Confirm => Enter Account name => Card number => Press Pay.
Step 7: Enter the code OTP send to phone => Select Verification => Press Pay.

4. Top up Zing card by SMS

– Conditions for loading Zing card by SMS:
+ Registered subscribers: Users must use the phone number registered for a Zing account to buy a Zing card
+ Minimum subscriber balance must be from 5000 VND or 15,000 VND depending on the type of card.
+ Maximum number of cards to buy: Depending on each carrier, users are limited to the number of Zing card top-ups by day/minute. With Viettel and Mobifone, the total amount of card purchases is no more than 150,000 VND/day. As for Vinaphone, the number of times to top up the Zing card is regulated by time.

– How to top up Zing card by SMS:
+ Top up 18 cent Zing card: Zingxu ZingM name_account_ZingID send 6569
=> Example: Zingxu ZingM Taimienphi sent 6569
+ Top up Zing card 55 cents: Zingxu ZingM name_account_ZingID send 6569

III. How to check Zing card recharge, successful or not?

– After the Zing card loading operation is completed, you will need to check whether the Zing card has been loaded or not to make sure that the Zing card loading process does not occur any errors.

– How to check whether the Zing card has been loaded or not is completely simple, you just need to contact the Zing operator and provide the operator with the card’s Serial number for them to check. And you will know exactly when to load your Zing card and whether the Zing card has been used or not.

– Zing card checking switchboard: 1900561558
Once you know how to top up the Zing card, you can apply the above methods to shop and spend on the items, costumes, resources, … of the games you are playing. For example, top up PUBG Mobile VN card to change UC or top up Thien Nu Mobile 2 game card take the precious metal to buy things.

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How to download and play Mau Binh cards on PC

Download and play Mau Binh on your computer, the intellectual card game Mau Binh ZingPlay lets you plow and try in your spare time. Become the pinnacle card in the betting world of Mau Binh with the ability to “win where you win”, where to put what to eat.

Similar to ZingPlay’s card games of the same genre, players will have to demonstrate the ability to think logically, with keen observational eyes, and at the same time understand and understand how to play Mau Binh card then you can win and get free gold.

How to play and play on the computer

Download Mau Binh PC

How to download and play Mau Binh on PC using BlueStacks

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Install BlueStacks on your computer
Step 2: Download and install Mau Binh ZingPlay on BlueStacks
Step 3: Open the game Mau Binh after the installation is complete.

2. Detailed instructions
Step 1: Download and install BlueStacks on the computer.

Reference: How to install BlueStacks on PC

Step 2: Start up BlueStacksenter Google Play and login account if required.

How to play and play quickly on PC

Step 3: Keyword search “Mau Binh ZingPlay” => Select Install (Settings) as shown.

How to play and play quickly on BlueStacks

Step 4: Press Play (Play) to enter the game and experience.

how to play and play on pc

Step 5: Log in to your account Zing play (Google account or Facebook account).

How to play and play quickly on Android laptop

Step 6: The first time you play the game, you will get 50000 Gold for free, press Get it Now.

How to play and play quickly on windows computer

Step 7: Click Play now to start playing Mau Binh on the computer.
– In addition, you can also press Select Table, go to the table with the amount of bets according to your current capital.

how to play mausoleum on pc

Step 8: You will have time 60s (1) to arrange the 3 limbs so that the front limb is stronger than the hind limb.
– Limbs (5 cards)
– Middle limb (5 cards)
– Last limb (3 cards)

=> Choose Done, or when the time is up, the system will automatically compare your 3 cards with the hands of other players to find the winner.

how to play mausoleum on pc
Every day when you log in to the game you will receive free support Gold, so you can download and play Mau Binh on your computer without worrying about the card recharge. If you like it, please collect more Mau Binh card game same genre to play in your spare time.

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How to play and play on the computer

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Game Online

Teammates lure Le Duong Bao Lam to death with phone scratch cards

Comedian Le Duong Bao Lam continue to bring viewers, especially gamers, laughter in the version Rules of Survival Latest mobile live-acion.


This time, 3 members of Bao Lam’s team are determined to pick up “hearing” to become the last survivor. However, the hearing was not picked up but was shot for “faint touch”. Only Le Duong Bao Lam “cowardly” is still alive and has two options: rush to save his teammates or continue to hide. After a while of arguing, paying with scratch cards, drinking, Le Duong Bao Lam was determined to rush forward for his teammates. What will the ending be like? Watch the funny clip below:


Hopefully, Le Duong Bao Lam with the comedy clip Rules of Survival mobile live-acion will give gunners moments of relaxation before participating in the Rules of Survival Mobile survival battle with an interesting update this afternoon 28/ 2.​

Source link: Teammates lure Le Duong Bao Lam to death with phone scratch cards

Game Online

Hearthstone: Added a new single player mode and a bunch of unique cards

3 months after “Kobolds and Catacombs” was released, Blizzard has officially announced the next expansion, titled The Witchwood. In this expansion, Hearthstone will be adding a bunch of new cards, old sets including Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan, and the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan will no longer be usable in standard mode. In addition, a new single-player mode set in a dark and terrifying Gothic setting will also be introduced to gamers.​


Fans of the “Dungeon Run” game mode in the “Kobolds and Catacombs” update will be delighted to know that The Witchwood also has a similar game mode called “Monster Hunt”. Details about this update are still being kept under wraps, all we know is that it will have 8 Bosses and some special Heroes for players to play as. Also, we don’t know yet if it will be “free” or paid to play.​


The Witchwood will bring gamers 135 new cards, and 7 of them have been revealed. Most of them are of the types that have never appeared in Hearthstone before. The 2 Legendary, Genn Greymane and Baku the Mooneater cards have an extremely powerful effect as soon as the game starts, but you need to build the deck according to special requirements (all cards must have an odd or even cost). .​


Another Legendary card, Azalina Soulthief, will replace all the cards you hold in your hand with copies from your opponent’s hand. Azalina’s attack and health stats are pretty low compared to cost, but this is definitely a card that will provide interesting “late-game” phases, especially when you have to face opponents that “like” ” hold the “big” cards in hand.​


Militia Commander, a new card from the Warrior class, introduces us to a new card type called “Rush”, which allows players to attack their opponent’s minion on the turn of the card. Rush is obviously a weaker form of Haste, as it doesn’t allow cards of this type to attack your opponent’s Hero directly.​


Phantom Militia brings us the new keyword “Echo”, which allows this card to attack multiple times during a turn. The other 2 cards (out of the 7 introduced), have the Lifesteal ability (healing your Hero equal to the damage dealt) with a design very similar to those of Halloween monsters.

In addition, The Witchwood is also an update that signals the beginning of Hearthstone’s Year of the Crow. That also means that old cards from the Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan, and the Mean Streets of Gadgetza packs will no longer be usable in the Standard. The Witchwood decks are available for pre-purchase now, with a $50 discount for 70 packs.

Source link: Hearthstone: Added a new single player mode and a bunch of unique cards

Game Online

The box of Pokemon cards that have not been opened for 19 years is priced at more than 1.3 billion VND

Speaking of rare items associated with the entertainment world, we certainly can’t forget the decks of cards. Are from Magic cards belong to Yu-Gi-Oh! until post Pokemon, these items, if they have “cheek numbers”, can cost up to several tens of thousands of dollars. Not only that, but there are cards that just need a few more glossy effects to captivate collectors and make them spend a huge amount of money to own.


That’s why a box Pokemon Cards haven’t opened since bought in 1999 until now definitely more expensive. Indeed, a box of cards Pokemon cards recently auctioned at Huggins & Scott Auctions with a starting price of $20,000. For those of you who don’t know, a brand new Charizard Holo card (with multicolored lighting effects) costs tens of thousands of dollars, and in fact, last April a similar card was sold. was bought by a collector for $ 55,000.


With a box containing up to 11 different decks of cards with a rate of not only one card as above but also many other rare “goods”, the price is not out of that number. Specifically, this card box has a rate of 5 common cards, 3 uncommon, 2 Energy and 1 Rare or Foil card. Therefore, as soon as it was put into auction, this Pokemon card box soon exceeded the starting $ 20,000.


In fact, it has officially passed to the new owner for the price 56,000 USD, or about 1.3 billion VND. It sounds terrible, but in the world of professional Pokemon card collectors, this number is nothing compared to the quantity and quality that this box of cards can bring. If you have such a large amount of money, would you be willing to spend to buy a box of cards like the one above?

Source link: The box of Pokemon cards that have not been opened for 19 years is priced at more than 1.3 billion VND

Game Online

Worth a fortune, a deck of Pokemon cards full of rare super products has just been sold for 2.5 billion dong

Over the years, Pokemon Trading Card Game has thousands card, but a small number of them are most coveted and equal to that of a not-so-medium preciousness. Recently, an avid fan decided to spend a fortune on a deck full of rare Pokemon cards, marking one of the card game’s biggest deals. this. When you don’t know which card to choose, buy them all, as long as you have the money.​


According to TMZ, a huge sale took place at Goldin Auctions over the weekend. An Pokemon Cards was sold and its excellent condition has resulted in buyers paying up to 107,010 USD (2.47 billion VND) for this collection worth a fortune.​


According to the report, 103 Pokemon cards have been sold and they are all rare cards. Each body is perfectly preserved. They are not just old Pokemon cards but a deck containing original Pokemon cards produced in 1999 such as Charizard, Blastoiise, Alakazam, and Chansey holographic cards. Considering the value of the deck as a whole, this is not actually the highest price that collectors have offered. Some cards in this deck, such as Charizard, have also sold for more than $10,000.​


Not long ago, there was also an expensive Pokemon card transaction, with a value of up to $ 60,000, Trainee 3 is the most expensive Pokemon card on the planet. But unfortunately for the collector, for some reason, this “hate” mysteriously disappeared during transportation. They even offered a reward of 1000 USD for anyone who provides information about the whereabouts of the above card, but until now, Trainee 3 has not returned to its true owner.​

Source link: Worth a fortune, a deck of Pokemon cards full of rare super products has just been sold for 2.5 billion dong

Game Online

Detecting a huge “grit” on Pokemon cards, hard fans may not have noticed

Pokemon Trading Card Game is one of the games card most successful franchise of all time, playing an important role in making Pokemon the world’s most popular and highest-grossing franchise in history. Over the past 20 years, how many Pokemon Cards was released, but until today, a huge “grain” on the back of the cards was discovered by a fan. Even if you are a “hard fan”, it is unlikely that you have realized this.

“It took me more than 20 years to realize Pokeball on the Pokemon card is opened on the wrong side”

Posting on Twitter, user nickname TAHKO pointed out, there is something wrong with the image of the Pokeball ball appearing on the back of the Pokemon card. The design on the card shows the Pokeball’s red cap open, separated from the button in the middle. However, according to the original, this button must be attached to that red shell.

Explaining this error, TAHKO said, the design of Pokeball has changed a lot since it was first launched. There was a time when the button was placed at the top instead of the middle as it is now. The final design was chosen as we know it today, when opened, the button part will separate from the white cap and attach to the red cap but for some reason, the Pokeball image on the plates still does not work. redesign.


If you do not pay close attention, surely many people will not realize this design error. However, with a card game world’s most famous as Pokemon, it’s surprising that the developer has not moved to fix Pokeball after all these years. Currently, TAHKO’s post is attracting the attention of many Pokemon fans. Hopefully this will catch the attention of the Pokemon company, but whether they make any changes in the future, we will probably have to wait until the game’s expansions are released. in the near future.​

Source link: Detecting a huge “grit” on Pokemon cards, hard fans may not have noticed

PC Gaming

Top 10 super light games that are very good, machines without discrete video cards still fight well (P.2)

A good game doesn’t mean it has to have beautiful graphics or requires “dinosaur configuration”.

To be able to call a game good, not only do we need to look at the beautiful graphics, but we also have to consider other aspects such as the plot and gameplay. There have been many games, although only possessing 2D and pixel graphics style, but gained a lot of positive comments and reviews from gamers.

Even the cartoon graphics style and hardware of a few years ago can still reach the top and become famous around the world. In general, good games are often hardware-heavy, but that doesn’t mean light games are bad. If you don’t believe it, here are 10 good light games that will make you think differently!

FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL is a space-style real-time strategy (RTS) game with a top-down perspective. In the game, players will control the crew in a spaceship with the task of transferring important information to the allied battleship. And right next to the butt of the player’s ship is an entire enemy battleship. Although it has simple graphics, only requires OpenGL 2.0 GPU with 128 MB RAM, but FTL is extremely attractive to you guys.

Top 10 super light games but extremely good, machines without discrete video cards still fight well (P.2)

You will have to navigate the ship through 8 different zones, each with randomly generated planets and events. In addition to fighting against the enemies, you can also gain new members, upgrade the ship to be stronger, fly faster. If the ship is destroyed or the crew “sleeps” it is game over, and you will have to play again with a brand new ship. Overall, this is a light game that is still good to play, still attractive every moment because it means that you are being chased by the enemy.

Into The Breach

Into the Breach is a turn-based strategy game developed by Subset Games, released in 2018. The game is set in the future, when humans are trying to develop weapons to fight. able to fight off a peculiar alien race called the Vek.

Top 10 super light games but extremely good, machines without discrete video cards still fight well (P.2)

Players will control machine warriors with different types of bullets and different ways of moving. Your task is to plan, calculate the way to move to get rid of the alien monsters that are trying to invade the residential areas. Thanks to the simple pixel-style graphics, this game is quite light, but it is highly appreciated by critics and players alike because it is this simplicity that becomes an extremely attractive factor. Into the Breach creates a feeling of numbing joy when you defeat the enemy generals, smash the invasion plot of the aliens.


Do you like the sea? If you like the sea, play this game. The undersea world in Abzu is like a dream. Players will be swimming through the deep ocean worlds full of colors and wonders, in harmony with the background music to create an extremely relaxing picture.

There are 2 points that impress me the most in this game. The first is the way that the developer combines images and sounds, giving me an extremely overwhelming experience, going from one surprise to another. The second is that the developer of this game has brought you all those great experiences with an extremely light configuration, you will only need a slightly strong iGPU like Vega 8, Vega 11, Iris Xe is smooth battle.

Top 10 super light games that are very good, machines without discrete video cards still fight well (P.2)

The task in the game is very simple, you just need to follow the game circuit to explore different locations, unlock unknown areas, generally ride horses to see flowers. However, gradually, you will find yourself on a mission to save the dying ocean from the influence of an ancient civilization. In addition to making players satisfied and relaxed, the game also carries a message about environmental protection.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Heard Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is the first game that I played on my first self-built rig. The graphics of the game were extremely overwhelming to me at that time, but the GT 730 card DDR3 version still weighed 60FPS smoothly guys. Even the Intel iGPU fights smoothly. Yes, it’s also a bit heavier than the average on this list. However, if compared with games with similar beautiful graphics, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is the champion in my heart. So far, I have not found a game as light as this but more interesting.

Top 10 super light games that are very good, machines without discrete video cards still fight well (P.2)

The graphics in the game are extremely well optimized, the characters are beautiful, the fighters in the game have extremely high perfection. Especially the realistic and eye-catching fire effects. And yet, you guys also have a lot of extremely interesting futuristic weapons so you can torture enemy planes. In addition, the game also has a bunch of blue red purple yellow skins, anime girls of all kinds to stick on the plane to look stylish. Maybe on Steam, the game is not very appreciated, maybe due to not allowing the use of a mouse or a simple plot, but for me, this is still a game for an extremely good experience.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a horizontal scrolling role-playing game. The story is about a young man who is a hybrid of Cyclop and Ghost Rider who goes everywhere and cuts everything that moves. With a fast tempo, varied weapons, rhythmic movements and engaging gameplay, the game was critically acclaimed. Dead Cells also creates a highlight with epic boss fights and fun Pixel-class graphics that are extremely eye-catching. Because it is a 2D game, it is extremely light, and you can perfectly balance it with systems or laptops without discrete cards smoothly.

Top 10 super light games that are very good, machines without discrete video cards still fight well (P.2)

In addition to going around fighting monsters, you can also build a stronger character with Cells points that are used to smash items, build skills. The game also has an interesting and interesting storyline, not much drama but very thrilling, guaranteed to make you feel that the game is very cool and very good. However, this game is rated by many gamers as having a high difficulty, so it is best to only play if you are confident in your ability to “eat onions”.

According to GVN360

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PC Gaming

Causes of a series of broken RTX 3090 cards when playing New World games: 1000 fps rendering, fan spinning 200,000 rpm

Detecting that the RTX 3090 card was “delivered to the new world” was due to a spike in FPS, causing the card to consume power abnormally.

It seems that the series of broken RTX 3090 cards when playing New World games does not only affect the GPU, guys. Igor’s Lab – a German technology site – after investigating with the EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra card, discovered that the cooling fan on this card sometimes rotates to more than … 200,000 RPM, normally it only spins around 2,400 RPM. never mind.

Of course, this fan can’t spin that fast, but it still tries to spin guys. Even if you set the fan speed parameter manually, it doesn’t matter. The only solution seems to be water is to lower the GPU’s power consumption to 50%-60%, not to overwork the GPU.

Causes of a series of broken RTX 3090 cards when playing New World games: 1000 fps rendering, fan spinning 200,000 rpm

This error does not only occur when you are in the main menu in the New World game – when the FPS hits thousands of frames per second, it can also happen while you are playing the game. It will suddenly jump up and down immediately, so usually gamers will not pay much attention, but if you look at the fan’s rotation speed history, you will discover this.

In addition, New World is not the only culprit, because at the same time, Anno 1800 also causes this error, especially when opening the menu or viewing the tooltip. However, up to now, there have been no cases of RTX 3090 being damaged by Anno 1800. This leads to the possibility that the chip on the EVGA card is faulty. When the game runs at 1000-2000 FPS this means that the frame is rendered in less than 1 ms, and the chip may not be able to react to this change. The fan spins fast, the card consumes an unusually high amount of power, and that’s it… goodbye dear card.

The good news is that EVGA accepts replacement cards for unlucky gamers when experiencing this problem. And Igor’s Lab thinks this bug can be fixed by releasing new firmware.

Summary of main ideas:

– Igor’s Lab said that the broken RTX 3090 when playing New World could be caused by the cooling fan spinning to more than 200,000 RPM.

– The temporary fix is ​​to lower the GPU’s power consumption to 50%-60%.

– This error not only occurs in the main menu but it can also happen while playing the game.

– At that time, the fps will suddenly increase to thousands of fps and then drop immediately, causing the card to not respond. This causes the fan to spin quickly, the card consumes an unusually large amount of power, and so… goodbye dear card .

Source PC Gamer compiled GVN360

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Game Online

The game is full of errors, the big game company “plays blunt cards” and deletes all the fan’s hateful comments

Is the most anticipated sports game of the year but what FIFA 20 did not satisfy the fans. Within 24 hours of its launch, EA was continuously subjected to tons of negative comments and criticisms related to the game’s Career Mode, even the hashtag #FixCareerMode became a trend on Twitter.


With a crazy schedule that is confusing, Career Mode has been a controversial mode for many years. In response to the fan reaction, this year EA promises to make many changes to meet the requirements of players. However, when gamers have not had time to enjoy these changes, a series of extremely serious errors appear, typically a series of big teams like MU, MC, … are suddenly caught in the dark. normalized in a confusing way because suddenly vuwat went to a series of key players. For example, when players use a formation of low-stat players, the machine-driven teams also find a balance by omitting pro players and bringing in low-stat players. . This silly mistake can cause the top teams to be relegated after just one season.

Moreover, the movement in the game is also inflexible, the gameplay still has many defects, the manipulation part also encounters many errors. It’s obvious that the game is buggy, receiving negative reviews, but with EA, things don’t stop there. Instead of listening to gamers’ contributions and making corrections, the game company directly removed all negative comments. This was quickly recognized by gamers, and the wave of outrage now seems to be much stronger than before.


According to information from Reddut user “SpookyMulder”:

Another user, nicknamed MedBoy101, also said: “After they arbitrarily deleted my post, the wave of criticism was even more terrible. Hours after its release, EA made every effort to… hide the fact that Career Mode was unplayable.”


At this point, EA finally couldn’t keep quiet. Corey Andress, FIFA 20’s international franchise leader has spoken out, promising change but not this time.

If EA had listened to gamers’ suggestions from the beginning and acknowledged their mistakes, perhaps things wouldn’t have been this bad. Hopefully the next update will fix the shortcomings as promised by EA, avoiding losing a loyal fan base of this classic sports game series.​

Source link: The game is full of errors, the big game company “plays blunt cards” and deletes all the fan’s hateful comments


6 Ways to load Free Fire cards safely, get lots of diamonds

If Gold is a currency that can be easily earned when you play matches in Free Fire, Diamonds are a rarer currency and can be used to participate in events, open inventory and buy weapons. gas, character in the game Free Fire. Joining a few free events or faster is loading a Free Fire card that will get you this currency.

If you want to own rare skins or powerful guns with awesome skills, you can load the Free Fire card to earn diamonds and unlock them. However, due to the great attraction of the game, many pirated and untrustworthy websites have appeared and are rampant. So let’s find out with Taimienphi how to top up the most prestigious and safe Free Fire card.

how to nap the free fire

How to load diamonds in the game Free Fire

I. Instructions for loading the Free Fire game card

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Visit the Free Fire card top-up website HERE
Step 2: Select the game Free Fire => Log in to your account => Choose the denomination and method of loading => Proceed to pay

2. Detailed instructions
Step 1: Visit the card top-up website Free Fire HERE
Step 2: Choose a game Free Fire.

how to nap the free fire 2

Step 3: Select method account login your.

how to nap the free fire 3

Step 4: Choose loading method.

how to nap the free fire 4

Step 5: See price list and proceed pay.

how to nap the free fire 5

II. Free Fire recharge payment methods

1. Pay with ShopeePay
Step 1:
Option denominations and press Payment processing.

how to nap the free fire 6

Step 2: Scan QR code with wallet ShopeePay => Press Complete payment.

how to nap the free fire 7

2. Pay with Garena . card
Step 1: Import Garena card code and press the . button Confirm.

how to nap the free fire 8

3. Payment by SMS, Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone
Step 1: Option home network you want.

how to nap the free fire 9

Step 2: Option denominations and press Payment processing.

how to nap the free fire 10

Step 3: To send Syntax message available or scan QR code to send messages quickly.

how to nap the free fire 11

Step 4: After payment press Finish sending SMS to the carrier.

how to nap the free fire 12

4. Payment by ATM card – iBanking, Visa, Master, Amex, JCB
– Note: You need to register for Online Payment with ATM card or E-Banking with the Bank.
Step 1: Option denominations you want => Choose a bank => Payment processing.

how to nap the free fire 13

Step 2: Scan code QR or pay with Internet Banking or ATM card.

how to nap the free fire 14

5. Pay with QR PAY
Step 1: Select the denomination you want and press Payment processing.

how to nap the free fire 15

Step 2: Scan code QR plain Banking app yours => Press I have completed the payment on the App.

how to nap the free fire 16

6. Payment by VNPAY
Step 1: Option denominations you want and press Payment processing.

how to nap the free fire 17

Step 2: Option 1 of 3 methods to continue. These 3 methods have all been guided above.

how to nap the free fire 18
Having so many payment methods makes it easier and more flexible for you to top up your Free Fire card. Each method will have different advantages and disadvantages, so choose for yourself the best way. In addition, besides loading the card, you can also get free fire diamonds for free through major events and events organized by the publisher.

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PC Gaming

Very good news for gamers, Asus video cards will drop sharply from April

Video cards are entering a period of strong discounts.

The GPU trading price in the market is trending down significantly recently. And while a number of big names in the market such as AMD, Intel or Nvidia … have yet to make any statement regarding this trend, Asus, in a statement to Tom’s Hardware, has confirmed it will reduce. Graphics card sales up to 25% on Nvidia RTX 30-series GPUs starting from April.

Very good news for gamers, Asus video cards will drop sharply from April

Asus explains that the reason for this decision is due to the reduction of tariffs on US imports from China. As follows:

“Due to the latest tariff lifting order that has just been officially imposed by the Office of the United States Trade Representative on imports from China, the gaming community and PC enthusiasts will witness a sharp decline in the list prices of the ASUS GeForce RTX 30-series graphics card models, starting from April 1, 2022.

The price adjustment plan will be applied directly to low-cost GeForce RTX 3050 and RTX 3060 graphics cards, mid-range RTX 3070 and RTX 3080, and high-end RTX 3090.

Consumers can expect price reductions of up to 25% for various products in the near future.”

Strangely, however, the Asus representative, who provided the information to Tom’s Hardware, did not mention the Radeon line of cards at all, even though the Taiwanese manufacturer is also a major AMD AIB partner. So at the moment, it is not known exactly whether the above discount plan will be applied by Asus to the upcoming Radeon GPU models as well as the upcoming Intel Arc.

In general, there is still no concrete sign that the supply from the GPU market will soon be able to meet the needs of users. Currently, new graphics cards are generally still a very difficult item to buy, and often out of stock at many retailers. Therefore, the prospect for the VGA selling price to be stable and “reasonable” is still a big question mark.

(Refer to QTM)

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PC Gaming

Good news for gamers: Graphics cards are about to flood the market, startlingly cheap

The video card market has stabilized again.

It seems that the bad days are about to pass for the gaming community in particular and computer users in general.

Good news for gamers: Graphics cards are about to flood the market, startlingly cheap

According to a report by PCGamer, the market for computer components and especially graphics cards is about to have a huge fluctuation. PCGamer said that because many component factories are operating at full capacity again, so the number of graphics card shipments to the market is increasing rapidly. Specifically, compared to 2021, the number of new graphics cards produced in 2022 will increase by 30%. The number will make the price level of this product will certainly be stable after a long time of price storm.

According to PCGamer, the number of cards produced by AMD and NVIDIA in the fourth quarter of 2021 increased by 27.7% and this number continues to increase in the first months of 2022. Although a large part of the card market has been mined by miners. purchased virtual currency. However, this purchasing power has gradually decreased following the decline of Bitcoin and Ethereum. While the supply is abundant again, the video card market in 2022 will certainly be brighter for gamers and real users.

Not only that, many other component manufacturers are also starting to participate in the video card market. Typically Intel with the Arc graphics card line. Besides, some Chinese domestic manufacturers also launch their own products.

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Game Online

Real players spend 600 million to buy rare Yu-Gi-Oh cards

It’s not as popular as it used to be, but trading card games still has an irreplaceable position in the hearts of fans, collecting card rarely become a hobby for fans of the genre. They are willing to spend a lot of money to own rare, no longer produced cards in the deck, if these cards are intact, not faded, they will be worth even more.​


Originally a fan of card gamerecently Youtuber Hikaru launched a plan called ‘Finding out’ Yu-Gi-Oh Cards worth 1 million yen (about 211 million VND) or more immediately buy”, from the title is enough to see the tolerance to play and the love that this YouTuber born in 1991 has for Yu-Gi-Oh cards. This challenge of Hikaru takes place in Akihabara – the bustling commercial center in Tokyo, which also has many electronics stores and is a paradise for Otaku.​


After visiting 7, 8 stores in Akihabara neighborhood, Hikaru finally found what he wanted, which is Chaos Dragon, The Dragon of Armageddon. It is known that this is a souvenir from the world Yu-Gi-Oh championship, there are only 3 cards like this in the world.​


The card is placed in a preserved glass frame, the four sides are decorated with stone pillars, on the top there is also a symbol from the old tournament. Immediately, this Youtuber did not hesitate to withdraw 3 million yen (about more than 630 million VND) to pick up this card for himself. After that, he asked the owner of another famous card store to examine it, who was extremely excited when he saw the card, and told Hikaru that “this is something that can only be met. You can’t ask for it, being able to find it is considered very lucky.”​

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Foolishly carrying more than 600 game cards with him, the young man was caught by the neck as soon as he got off the airport

The Chinese customs force recently said that on April 6, a man living in Macau was arrested as soon as he got off the plane in Gongbei (Guangdong). The reason why this man was touched is because he carried too much card game.

The game card is a familiar item to gamers, used to recharge certain games, it does not violate any regulations on airline baggage nor is it among the items. Forbidden, everyone is free to bring game cards, but must be within a reasonable amount.​


This man brought up to 625 game cards, this number exceeded the prescribed number, moreover he did not declare this luggage of his. It is known that each of these game cards has a market price of 200, 300 yuan (about 660,000 – 990,000 VND), the game cards of some hot games today also cost up to 500 yuan (about 1.65 million VND). ). A total of 625 of these card games are worth at least more than 400 million VND. With such a large quantity and value, this man’s behavior is no different smuggle both.​


It is known that around the end of March this year, the country’s customs force also handled similar situations. Four groups of tourists were touched because they brought too many game cards when they entered the country, the total number of which was up to 2000 units, worth 500,000 yuan (1.65 billion VND). Due to the outbreak of the disease, many people can only stay at home to play games, the demand for essential items in this field also spiked, this could be an opportunity for smugglers to take advantage of.​

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Game Online

TFT season 4: Top 10 strongest cards in the early game (P.1)

first. Yasuo


Possessing the Single Action race, Yasuo alone can activate the effect of the clan. During the battle, Yasuo must also stand alone in one place, not standing near anyone, from which he can activate a shield with an index equal to 50% of his maximum health. This means that if you drop some belts at the beginning of the game, you can put them on Yasuo, from there this shield will be very large, enough for Yasuo to tank for a long time. In addition, the skill of this card is also very strong when it can deal damage up to 2 squares and apply attack effects in it.

2. Nidalee


This is just 1 generals long range 1 money carrying team very good. Nidalee’s skills are very special, with the javelin, she will launch her javelin towards the farthest target. Furthermore, the damage is increased by 25% for each square the javelin passes through. This means that the farther you fly, the greater the damage will be.

3. Garen


Appeared in season 4 but not from the combination of 3 mech components as in season 3. Garen’s move is Judgment which allows him to spin the sword, spinning for 4 seconds dealing massive damage. nearby enemies, while reducing magic damage taken. In the early game, the number of pieces is quite small, so it is very normal for Garen to hit 2-3, or even 4, melee targets around him.

4. Diana


Belonging to the Lunar Tribe, a very special race in season 4, Diana possesses the potential to be able to carry team extremely strong, even becoming a carry throughout the match. The Moon Tribe only needs 3 pieces to activate the ability, then the pieces with less stars at the beginning of the battle will be upgraded to 1 star. If the chess pieces are of the same level, whoever has more equipment will be given priority, up to a maximum of 4 stars. This means that if you choose Diana as your main force and play it right, a 4-star assassin piece full of powerful carry is what you need. gamer every wish.

Diana also has a comprehensive set of defense skills with both dealing damage to the surrounding, and being able to shield herself with orbs. Moreover, this card is also an assassin, so just sneaking behind the opponent’s squad will cause the paper-blooded generals to fade in one note.

5. Maokai


Add 1 tanker Another quality for gamers to test, it’s Maokai. Belonging to the Forest God and the Gladiator type, Maokai himself has a fairly large amount of base health, but most importantly, his skills create a lot of discomfort in combat. In addition to dealing damage, Maokai’s punch also has the ability to reduce the opponent’s attack speed by 50% for 3 seconds. At the beginning of the game, if you have a reduced attack speed, you almost lose half of your power until you use the ability. So this is also a pretty good piece to use in defense

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Game Online

Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 4: Top 10 strongest cards in the early game (P.2)

6. Jarvan IV


Waiting for the price of 2 coins, the first chess piece is Jarvan, this is the remaining piece in the early game trio, Nidalee, Garen and Jarvan. Thereby, we will have 3 battles generals extremely powerful with additional health and bonus damage. Most importantly, Jarvan’s skills have both damage and multi-target control if he combos well. In addition to the Protector system, Jarvan can combine with Elise to provide additional shields for nearby allies as well as himself.

7. Jax


Also with a price range of 2 money like Jarvan, Jax belongs to the Holy God race, Duel-type and has a very strong ability to counterattack. Jax can dodge all attacks on himself for 2 seconds, then he counterattacks, dealing magic damage to nearby targets and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. In the early game, 2 seconds to absorb damage is a large number, plus 1.5 seconds of stun, Jax will have a total of 3.5 seconds to buy time for the whole team to charge.

8. Lulu


No longer the powerful 5-gold piece of season 3, Lulu is now back to the original season 1 with the move Giantization and it is very beneficial in the early and mid game. When used, Lulu massively transforms 1 champion with the least health, giving that champion an additional 400/600/950 health, along with the ability to knock up nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds. In the early game, when the damage to the pieces was not high, with the additional health from Lulu, that low health champion suddenly became extremely uncomfortable.

9. Teemo


Teemo continues to appear in season 4, but his annoyance is not from the Mushroom Place skill like in season 3 but instead of Blind Darts. When used, Teemo shoots darts at the opponent and explodes into a cloud on contact. The cloud poisons nearby enemies, dealing 200/300/700 magic damage and blinding them for 2.5/3/5 seconds. Blinding means that the opponent will not be able to hit the normal hit, similar to Graves in season 3.

10. Pyke


Massive damage control skills are always prioritized early in the game and Pyke is one such champion. For 2 coins, Pyke has the ability Spooky Water that helps to dash behind the furthest enemy, then create an afterimage that damages and stuns all enemies in its path. Because the target is far away, this line has a great length and can stun a lot of targets with just 1 dash.

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TFT: Top 5 cards that can carry the team but get little attention

first. Kindred


As a 3-money piece belonging to the Soul clan and the Hunter system, Kindred once made a splash in season 2 with the move Fear Rising. When cast, wolves will rush to bite the target that Kindred is attacking, dealing 450/650/1000 magic damage, and reducing their healing by 50% for 5 seconds. Kindred’s interesting point is its very low mana, only 35 mana. In addition, when used, Kindred will also glide for a short distance, the ability to help her have more mobility and be able to escape from the opponent’s directional skills or damage influence.

If activated enough clan, Kindred has both magic damage and hand damage due to the high added attack speed from soul pieces. In addition, if there is a Hunter buff, then every few seconds, Kindred will prioritize attacking the target with the lowest health percentage and deal extra damage, making it easier for you to defeat the dying prey in a better way. .

The reason that Kindred is rarely used is because she is usually just supernumerary for the Hunter squad, leaving the stage for Aphelios, Ashe or Warwick to perform. However, if possible, try the Soul squad with the top Mysteries and Pioneers, then let Kindred be the mainstay. As long as she is alive, the damage dealt will be enormous.​

  • Recommended equipment is: Blue Amulet, Gem Gauntlet, Hextech Gunblade, Mercury Cloak.​

  • Suitable lineup: Moon Tribe – Hunter or Soul – Mysterious​

2. Xin Zhao


Usually War players Generals will focus items on Katarina to ensure that each rotation is to evaporate several targets. Or if you play Duel, Kalista with the ability to stab an infinite spear will also be favored. But not many people know that this whole set of chess has another pretty strong 3-money card, Xin Zhao. With the ability Crescent Moon Spear, Xin Zhao will sweep his spear in an arc in front of him dealing 1 percentage of damage based on his attacks, and inflicting challenge effects on hit targets. in 6 seconds. While in this state, Xin Zhao will deal bonus hand damage to them, and take 85% less damage from all other sources. This is a very powerful skill for both attack and defense.

The reason why Xin Zhao is rarely chosen to carry the team is mostly from Katarina and Kalista, 2 cards that are also around the same price as Xin Zhao in the lineup will be a safer solution. Obviously, you’re going to want an assassin like Katarina, a long-armed one tanker like Kalista instead of a melee unit like Xin Zhao. However, if your Xin Zhao gets to 2 early, even up to 3 stars, just give it a try.​

  • Recommended equipment: Mantle of Mercury, Fist of Justice, Colossal Power​

  • Suitable lineup: Chien General – Duel

3. Irelia


Continuing is another 3 gold chess piece, one of the few generals who owns 3 clans. Possessing the Holy Spirit, Enlightenment and Grandmaster, Irelia will often be used to this advantage to become a secondary dual, sandwiched into many different squads. Possessing the move Vanguard Blade, Irelia will launch a series of swords in a V-shape dealing 200/300/600 magic damage, applying effects on hit, and enemies hit by the blade will be damaged. disarm in 2.5/3/3.5 seconds.

If you have a strong enough Irelia, the opponent’s front line will be like a portable sandbag no less because they can’t attack normally when being eaten by this girl’s skills.​

  • Recommended equipment: Fist of Justice, Angel Armor, Dragon Claw, Thief Gloves​

  • Suitable lineup: 6 Enlightenment, Duel – Grandmaster

4. Lux


Lux’s skill is Light Lock, when used, Lux will launch a ball of light in the direction of the furthest unit dealing 300/400/700 magic damage to all units in flight, less stun for 1.5/2/3 seconds. The Holy Tribe allows Lux after 6 attacks or her health to drop to 50% to take 25% less damage from all sources and deal bonus true damage until the end of the round. If Lux can play the game and use this skill continuously in combat, this will be a very powerful control and damage machine.

  • Recommended equipment: Hextech Gunblade, Blue Amulet, Witch’s Hat, Gem Gloves, Demon Book Morello​

  • Suitable lineup: Enchantment – ​​Mysterious or Holy – Grandmaster​

5. Jarvan IV


Although it only costs 2 coins, the carrying potential of Jarvan very big again. Belonging to War General – Protector, this guy’s skill is Christmas Dragon Strike. When cast, Jarvan will stab the spear towards the furthest enemy within 3 squares and send himself to that location. All enemies in the path take 175/250/500 magic damage and are knocked up for 2 seconds.​

  • Recommended equipment: Angel Armor, Lightning Crossbow, Demon Book Morello​

  • Suitable formation: War General – Protector

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Famous collector has all Yu-Gi-Oh! cards stolen, losing more than 22 billion

In the past few years, collecting card has become the hobby of many famous collectors, which also contributes to pushing up the prices of rare cards towering, sometimes even worth a lifetime’s fortune. Recently, collectors Yu-Gi-Oh! Japan was shocked by a famous collector in the world who recently shared that all the cards he kept carefully were stolen.​

Everything is empty after just one night

“Ca” is a well-known collector, often trading cards with other like-minded people. Of course, in Ca’s house, he kept a lot of cards, enough to fill several cabinets. Recently had a nightmare for Ca, on Twitter, he shared that the thief had stolen all of his cards. Not only that, all cash, valuables, antiques were stolen.

It is known that the total value of Ca’s cards is up to 100 million Japanese yen (about 22 billion VND), but because there are many extremely rare cards, the online community speculates that the damage may be even higher than the cards. what Ca shares. Not only losing money, losing artifacts, but just thinking about the time it takes to collect so many models and cards is enough to make Ca collapse.​


Another collector was also robbed on November 4th

Not only Ca, a few days ago there was also a similar theft in Japan. The victim of the burglary is also a house collect cards Yu-Gi-Oh!, her entire property was stolen by thieves, the loss was about 4 million Japanese yen (about 882 million VND).​

Source link: Famous collector has all Yu-Gi-Oh! cards stolen, losing more than 22 billion