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As we all know, in the direct confrontations game FiFa Online 3 (FO3) tackling and tutoring is one of the important techniques to determine the outcome of the match. In this article, will guide players with technical skills in FIFA Online 3.

In general and soccer games FIFA Online 3 In particular, the player’s task is not only to attack but also to have defensive tactics. So how to defend effectively, and stop the players without breaking the rules? Let’s learn techniques with people to prevent the opponent from attacking and defend the goal of our team!

Accompanying people with the combination E + D and C + D:

Use key combinations E + D and C + D is the most basic way to tutor insiders FIFA Online 3.

When pressing the key D (A on the handle), the player will run towards the opponent and try to get his feet out to get the ball. If key is included E (RT on handle) then the player will run quickly after the opponent and close to try to use his feet to get the ball. However, if you are unfortunate to meet an opponent who is good at using human techniques, you should use it E + D (RT + A) It is very easy to cause a situation of missing momentum, and the opponent will overtake you. At that time please use C + D (LT + A), the defender will bend over, to change direction of movement and grab the ball.

In order to successfully execute this complex technique successfully, you must be highly focused.

FIFA Online 3

Accompanying people with a key combination E + D and C + D requires high concentration

Tracing technique with Q key (Calling people):

For those who are not good at grabbing and tackling the ball, it can be used key Q to call a teammate another chase the opponent to get the ball and I move the cover for that teammate. The ability to successfully grab the ball will depend greatly on individual and only skill Defense stats Player’s are called as: Ball painting, React, Power, Decisive.

Please press Q to be able to call more 1, 2 teammates together accompanying the enemy. The main player will stand behind the cover to be ready to prepare for the next ball of the ball.

FIFA Online 3

Use good stats defender to accompany Mats Hummels

The technique of calling people Q To attach is high technology if you know how to use it properly You really are a defense expert. You must note that calling 2, 3 teammates and 1 player will easily lead to space for other players to attack. Failure to control this action will cause unfortunate results that you cannot predict.

This technique of calling people with the Q key is suitable for defensive players to counterattack or when they have the desired score, so they want to defend tightly and preserve the results.

Accompanying people with the combination E + D + A:

Technique to get the ball with the key combination E + D + A used in emergency cases, with high efficiency. When pressing the key combination E + D + A (RT + A + B), the defender will use all means, rushing his body, hands and feet to stop the opponent, finding ways to get the ball. However, this way of taking the ball is very easy to lead to a foul. So, remember that this tutoring should only be used when absolutely necessary!

FIFA Online 3

Techniques of using key combinations E + D + A bring high efficiency but easy to make mistakes

Some notes when applying tutoring techniques in FIFA Online 3:

  • Technique of tackling the ball with the key A Only do this when facing an opposing player, if you are running behind you, you will make a foul and receive a ticket.
  • Use multiple buttons to move backwards, limit the use of the accelerator key E because it is easy to overdo it, over people.
  • In the event that the opponent passes the last defender and is about to face the goalkeeper, you can consider tackling the ball to avoid a goal, in which case you must accept a penalty card.

In general, the skills of tutoring, breaking ball, and ball competition require players to concentrate and execute at the right time to get the best results. Above, introduced to you some skills and notes in accompanying and obstructing in FIFA Online 3. However, it is important that you have to learn carefully and practice many times. In order to master the necessary skills, combine them appropriately to have satisfactory results. I wish you a successful and beautiful match!

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