Achievement system in Dream League Soccer – Part 2

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Following the Achievement System in Dream League Soccer – Part 1, would like to introduce to you the other types of achievements in the game. There are a total of 86 achievements for you to complete and bring back a lot of gold for your team.

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Each achievement will correspond to a certain bonus, so this is a stable and attractive source of income for any team. To earn a lot of gold, you need to learn about each achievement, how to complete and how to increase the amount of gold to the maximum. These useful Dream League Soccer playing tips will be introduced by in detail in the article below.

Achievements of win-loss ratio:

37. Scoring for Fun Achievements

If the season ends with more than 50 counts Goal DifferenceYou will receive 25 bonus gold coins.

Goal Difference (or Point Difference) is a form of Tie-breaker (the method of deciding to win or lose when the competitors are tied, by extra time, 11m penalty shootout or lottery). Goal Difference is used when the match is decidedly won or lost equal to the total number of goals scored.

38. Unstoppable Achievements

For teams that win all the way – At the end of a tournament without losing a match, you will get 25 bonus points.

Personal achievements:

39. Club Hero Achievements

Score a total of 15 goals by one player throughout the entire tournament for 15 bonus points. To achieve this, you need to have a hero in the club, usually as a striker or attacking midfielder. Choose in your team an excellent striker, capable of controlling the ball well and scoring accurately to achieve this achievement.

Achievement system in Dream League Soccer

40. Achievements Golden Boot

If a player on the team scored 30 goals during the entire tournament, The club that you manage will have an additional 30 gold coins.

Achievements of penalty cards:

41. Achievements Well Behaved

If the team goes through an entire season Do not receive any red cards, you will get an additional 25 gold coins.

To overcome this achievement, players need to use the “civilized” kick on the field, not making serious mistakes with the opponent players. For players who have ever received a yellow card, it is better to sit on the bench, to avoid having 2 yellow cards into 1 red card.

42. Teachers Pet Achievement

This achievement is harder than the Well Behaved one above, but the winnings are the same. If the team did not receive any yellow cards for the whole season, you will have 25 gold coins.

Player development achievements:

43. Achievement 500 Spent!

Spend the total amount of 500 gold coins for all players of Dream Team team to get 10 gold coins.

44. Achievement 1250 Spent!

Spend the total amount of 1250 gold coins to all the players of Dream Team team to get 20 gold coins.

45. Achievement Spend Money to Make Money

This is an achievement for club captains who know how to invest. If you spend up to 2500 gold coins for the team, you will have 30 gold coins.

46. ​​Big Spender Achievements!

Wealthy teams can spend 5000 gold coins to upgrade players, buy and exchange players in the transfer market to get 50 gold coins.

47. Made of Money Achievements

Spend a huge amount of 10 thousand gold coins to receive 100 bonus coins.

Achievements on the football team budget:

48. Achievement Every Starts Somewhere

If you received 250 gold coins Thanks to watching promotional videos, accessing Dream League Soccer every day, winning matches and seasons, completing goals and achievements in the game … you will be rewarded with 10 gold coins.

Dream League Soccer HD1 10 - Emergenceingame

49. Achievements Money, Money, Money !!

50 gold coins is the amount you gain when completing the achievement to receive a total of 1000 gold coins from activities in the game.

50. Achievements Rolling in it!

What if you earn 2000 gold coins? You will have 100 additional gold coins.

51. Money to burn achievements

When you earn 5000 gold coins, you will have 200 additional gold coins from your achievements.

Goals record:

52. First of Many Achievements

With the first goal scored since joining Dream League Soccer game, players will be awarded 5 gold coins.

53. Achievements 10 Goals and Counting

If you score a total of 10 goals (regardless of the number of matches) you will get 10 points.

54. Achievement Natural Born Finisher

When the total number of goals reaches 50 goals, you will receive 20 gold coins.

55. Century of Goals Achievement

The 100 goal mark will help you increase the bonus amount to 50 gold coins.

56. Achievement 500 !!!

The team with a total of 500 goals since joining Dream League Soccer will receive 100 encouragement gold coins.

57. Millennium of Goals Achievement

If you score 1000 goals, you will have 200 gold coins. This is an achievement that requires players to invest time and effort and stick with Dream League for a long time.

Dream League Soccer HD1 11 - Emergenceingame

58. Achievement Goal Machine

If the number of goals increases to a huge level – 10 thousand goals, you will receive 500 gold coins to record this remarkable achievement.

Achievement of Dream Team ranking points:

59. Achievement 250 Dream Team Ranking Points

10 gold coins will be awarded to players who achieve a ranking of 250 for their team.

60. Achievement 500 Dream Team Raking Points

Your bonus will be 20 gold coins when you reach Dream Team 500 ranking points.

61. Achievement 1000 Dream Team Ranking Points

Receive 30 gold coins immediately when Dream Team ranking points reach 1000 points.

62. Achievement 2500 Dream Team Ranking Points

When your Dream Team ranking score reaches 2500 points, you will be rewarded with 60 gold coins from Dream League Soccer.

63. Achievements High Flyer

If your Dream Team rank is 5000, you will have 100 gold coins around the fund.

64. Achievement DLS for Life

With 10,000 Dream Team ranking points, you will be rewarded with 500 gold coins.

Dream League Soccer HD1 12 - Emergenceingame

65. Achievement DLS is Your Life

Earn 100 thousand Dream Team ranking points, your dream team will receive 2500 gold coins.

Other achievements:

66. Meet Your Targets Achievements

When you fulfill every goal in one season, Dream League Soccer will immediately add 30 gold coins to the team’s budget.

67. Achievements Get to Know Your Players

When you spend 250 gold coins to develop players on the team, you have added 20 gold coins to your budget.

68. Achievement Personal Trainer

Please focus on work human factor training and coaching. When you spend 1000 gold coins to develop player classes, you will complete Personal Trainer achievement and have 50 gold coins.

69. Achievement Legendary Trainer

When you invest 2500 gold coins to develop future players, You will receive 100 gold coins immediately.

70. Fan Favorite Achievement

When your team plays well, keeps a steady performance, makes the right transfers, you will received 100% fan support rate. Then you will complete the achievement Fan Fovourite (a fan favorite) and receive 50 gold coins.

Achievement of Dream Team value:

71. Achievement Getting Stronger

If you reach 50% of the Dream Team value, you will have 25 gold coins.

Dream League Soccer HD1 13 - Emergenceingame

72. Achievement Ultimate Dream Team

If you reach 80% of the Dream Team value, you will have 100 gold coins.

Achievement of overall rankings:

73. Division 3 Champions Achievement!

If the season ends, your team reaches 3rd place (Division 3), you will be awarded 20 gold coins.

74. Division 2 Champions Achievement!

If the season ends, your team reaches 2nd place (Division 2), you will be awarded 30 gold coins.

75. Division 1 Champions Achievement!

If the season ends, your team reaches 1st place (Division 1), you will be rewarded with 40 gold coins.

76. Elite Champions Achievement!

If you reach the top position in the Elite Division, you will have 50 bonus gold coins.

77. Cup Winner Achievements!

When winning the World Cup – Global Challenge Cup, players will complete achievements with 50 gold coins.

78. The Double Achievement

Win Double (national cup and national first place) to earn 50 extra points for the team.

79. Achievements The Treble

Beat Treble (3 cups in a season) to earn 50 bonus points.

Dream League Soccer HD1 14 - Emergenceingame

80. The Double Achievement (* 5)

Double 5 times to score an additional 250 bonus points.

81. The Treble Achievement (* 5)

Beat Treble 5 times for an additional 300 bonus gold coins.

82. The Double Achievement (* 10)

Double 10 times to score an additional 600 bonus points.

83. The Treble Achievement (* 10)

Beat Treble 10 times for an additional 700 bonus gold coins.

84. The Double Achievement (* 50)

Double 10 times for an additional 1500 bonus points.

85. The Treble Achievement (* 50)

Beat Treble 50 times for an additional 2000 bonus gold coins.

86. Achievements Stick it to the Devs

When you defeat the First Touch Utd club., You will raise 30 gold coins in the team fund.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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