Fixed “GPS signal not found” error when playing Pokemon GO

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Pokemon Go is an interactive virtual game that relies heavily on the player’s geographical location to create experiences. Therefore, even if it is only a small error related to the position, the ability to locate the character … the game will not be able to proceed as the player wants. However, “GPS signal not found” or “Failed to detect location” are the errors that people today Pokemon Go In Vietnam, there are many.

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The following article will help you fix the location error when playing Pokemon Go games with your smartphone.

Error “GPS signal not found” when playing Pokemon Go with iPhone, iPad

Make sure you have location mode enabled and, importantly, enabled for Pokemon Go.

Step 1: From the main interface, select enter Settings icon – Settings, choose next Location Services – Location services.

Fixed GPS error when playing Pokemon Golocation error while playing Pokemon Go

If location is already on, check if it’s enabled for Pokemon GO? By touching the item Location Services, choose Pokémon Go.

bug Pokemon goGPS 4 ok - Emergenceingame
Location services have been activated for Pokemon Go

Fix “Failed to detect location” error on Android

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Step 1: First, we also need to make sure, have location services enabled? In each version, each Android device will have different changes, but the most common way is to enter Settings – Location and activated using the on / off button above.

GPS 6 location - EmergenceingameGPS 7 on - Emergenceingame

Step 2: Still in item Location, you touch Mode – Mode and select the first item High accuracy – High accuracy (using positioning both with 3G, WiFi).

bug pokemon Go on androidLocation error on android

Step 3: This is an action that is only available for devices using the Android operating system, which is to turn off emulation mode of the device’s location. To do this, you need to access the machine settings / About the phone. After that, some models will always show the version number (Build Number), you touch this item 7 times continuously.

For machines with other OS versions, you may need access to: Settings / About the device / Software information (Software Infomation) / Version number (Build number) and do the same as above.

turn off location simulation GPS 11 phien ban - Emergenceingame

Step 4: At this point, a new entry named “Developer Options – Developer Options“will appear, you guys go here and uncheck the box Allow mock locations – Allow mock locations Go, then reboot and go back on.

GPS 12 on - EmergenceingameGPS 13 off - Emergenceingame

With some of the above, your device will no longer show the location error or GPS signal when playing Pokemon GO, although the success rate is not 100%, but there is. Reflect a lot of players performed successfully!

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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