Great tip for playing Sudoku super fast

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Perhaps Sudoku is no stranger to each of us, with its simple but extremely attractive gameplay. It can be said that this is the best game of intelligence, logical thinking and observing ability.

The Sudoku board has a 9×9 form with 9 rows, 9 columns and 9 areas, each with 3×3 squares. There are a few numbered boxes, that is the clue to help you find the solution. Your task is to fill the remaining fields with the condition:

  • Do not match any number in the horizontal row.
  • Do not match any number in the vertical row.
  • Do not match any numbers in the 3×3 area.

It sounds simple, but when you join the game you really feel how difficult the game is. So invite you to refer to some Sudoku tips in the following article:

Sudoku tips are extremely effective

1. Concatenate find duplicate cells to exclude

Observe that there is a unique number on the 3×3 area Sudoku board. In the picture below, this 3×3 area has only 4, we will start with the nearest number which is the number 5. With the number 5, look around and look for the number 5 in all the remaining cells. refer to this area (ie look in the horizontal and vertical rows) and join it again.

After connecting, you will see red lines going through, you can not enter 5 into it, the rest of the space you can fill in 5. Likewise you can do with other numbers.

Great tip for playing Sudoku super fast

2. Find a triple containing 1 number for 3×3 fields

For example, in the picture below, with the position of 8, the remaining 8 in Sudoku 3×3 in the middle left will definitely be in the position circled in red. Following that logic, you will judge the position of the 3-digit sets to find the solution of the problem more easily.

Great tip for playing Sudoku super fast

3. Guess the number alone

In Sudoku 3×3 guess a number is not present, then compare it with rows and columns on large Sudoku. As shown in the image below, the top left 3×3 Sudoku we can immediately judge that the red circled position is definitely number 7. With the goal is to minimize candidates for that position.

Great tips for playing Sudoku super fast

4. Take notes on drafts

In the case of a 3×3 area with a number likely to be 2 or more places, note the baby aside to find the sure answer easier.

For example, in the picture below, the number 1 is capable of filling in 3 places circled in red, please note on paper if you feel your answer is not sure and then fill it out.

Great tip for playing Sudoku super fast

Hopefully, with the above 4 tips will help you conquer the fastest Sudoku game and will no longer find it difficult to play this game.

Furthermore, you can refer to the game Pure Sudoku, Sudoku X, Sudoku Captain… belongs to Sudoku genre but also adds some attractive new features to bring a new feeling to those.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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