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Since its inception up to now, football has changed a lot. From competition form, rules to tournaments. Accompanying it is a tactical system that is also always changed, supplemented and more complete. Besides “primitive” diagrams like 4-3-3 (magical tiki taka) or 4-4-2 (exemplary cross-header) is a tight and firm 4-5-1 sure.

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It can be said, 4-5-1 or also known as “pine formation” is an extremely solid defense scheme with 4 defenders and 5 midfielders. It is because of this defensive play that the coach when using it, needs to choose players with good looks, fitness as well as the ability to dispute, control the ball and launch a good attack. This scheme can also be easily switched from defense (4-5-1) to attack (4-3-3) and vice versa. By pushing up the two midfielders to run into the wing and support the center, to increase the ability to intimidate the opponent’s goal.

Lineups in FIFA Online 3

Advantages of the 4-5-1 tactic

  • Could be transformed into a 4-1-4-1 to create midfield stance control, increasing abilities “Anti-counterattack” fast. In addition, the players can deploy “taka dada” with 2 wingers and 2 attacking defenders.
  • In attack: The bouncing phase, knitting small ball in the dense midfield will split and mess up the opponent’s defense. In addition, the two central midfielders are responsible for launching attacks, poking through slots for strikers, or passing long-range to two open-speed midfielders, crossing the ball into the middle or stretching, creating opportunities for strikers. scored. At the same time, organize the interception right from the opponent’s home field.
  • Midfielders are flexible players that make it difficult for the opponent to catch cards, creating dangerous shots.
  • In defense: When attacked, the 4-defender shield is always ready for any situation. It can be spread across the yard to set off offside traps, or can swap positions, cover each other. Meanwhile, the two wingers will be able to return to support the defense, the two attacking midfielders go back to the middle to recover the ball.
  • The middle area is protected by 5 midfielders, forming a solid wall in front of the defenders. This also causes the opponent’s long-range shots to reduce the opponent’s slot.
  • With 4-5-1, 5 midfielders combined with 1 striker will create a stable connection in the midfield, helping players increase control of the ball as well as deploy attacks. Especially, it will not lose strength due to less movement.

Lineups in FIFA Online 3

Disadvantages of 4-5-1 diagram

  • With 4-3-3 variation, “wings” Must work continuously with high frequency, there will definitely be times when your player gets tired, and short of breath during acceleration or chasing phase.
  • With 5 midfielders, there will be only 1 player in the center position, while the two wingers rise, the midfield will have only 3 people, and the ability to cover and protect the player’s area This will increase, will appear the ball out of position, affecting the whole team.
  • It is the constant movement to switch positions, causing confusion sometimes causing position errors because the midfielders are easy “pedal” together.
  • It is easy to get long passes to cross the line to break the defense.

Lineups in FIFA Online 3

How to overcome the disadvantages of a 4-5-1 defensive formation

  • The most important thing is to add players who are physically good, are not afraid to collide in defenders and in two midfield positions.
  • A real standing midfielder is extremely important in this strategy, must be able to recover the ball well, compete fiercely, aggressively, especially must have a broad vision as well as “tactical vision” Good for taking advantage of enemy loopholes, making long passes or poking up the frontline.
  • Restrictions for this rising player.
  • Maintain the distance and distance between the enemies and the three lines to maintain stability in the formation.
  • Should use 2 midfielders who have strength and speed to be able to cling and chase the opponent striker.

Clip about 4-5-1 tactics in FIFA Online 3 competition

So Has introduced to you the tactical diagrams that are currently gamers of FIFA Online 3 are using the most. Along with all the player requirements, the strengths and weaknesses of that squad, along with how to overcome and limit the weaknesses in front of the opponent. Hopefully the article will be helpful and you will have more options in which formation to use, what variation to use, and how players can be used to win.

I wish you will become talented coaches!

Update: June 2, 2017

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