Teamfight Tactics – TFT: Top 5 lineups with the highest win rate version 10.20 doi hinh dtcl 6 - Emergenceingame

1. Elite Duel and Duel

  • Average position: 3.9

  • Win rate: 18.3%

  • Entry rate top 4: 60%​

  • Popularity: 8.5%​


Players should use the Duel formation when getting 4 . soon Generals Duel is Kalista, Yasuo, Fiora and Jax or when there are multiple Wooden Bows in hand for Kalista. If you have Elite Yasuo, you will have a lot of chances to win this game. 2 mains in the Duel squad Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 4 will be Yasuo and Kalista. The player’s first priority will be to upgrade Yasuo, Fiora, Jax and Kalista to 3 stars as soon as possible. Even with only 6 Duels, your win rate and Top 4 is very high if you have the right equipment for both Yasuo and 3-star Kalista.

2. Mage

  • Average position: 4.1

  • Win rate: 17.9%

  • Rate in Top 4: 57%​

  • Popularity: 3.8%​


This is a squad that has both magic damage and control. At the top, the player only needs Annie to be tankerand the main damage will be Veigar or Ahri.

3. Forest Spirit and Forest Spirit Spirit

  • Average position: 4.1
  • Win rate: 15.6%
  • Rate of Top 4: 56.6%
  • Popularity: 4%


The strength of the Forest Spirit squad combined with Gladiators is still very terrible, especially the ability to increase damage over time. Even if Sett is nerfed a bit, if Veigar and Ashe are both in the squad, players will not worry about lack of damage while having a quality barrier in front. If a Golden Shovel + Silver Cloak can be found for Sett, the player can aim for a Forest Spirit squad or 6 Savagers 6 Gladiators.

4. Pioneer + Mysterious

  • Average position: 4.2

  • Win rate: 12.9%

  • Rate in Top 4: 56.2%​

  • Popularity: 2.2%​


The Mysterious Pioneer squad has a very strong controllability and excellent resistance. Not only buffs From the Tribe + Attribute effect, the buffs from Thresh and Yuumi’s skills also make your Generals extremely difficult to die. This squad will need to get 3 stars soon for Wukong and damage-increasing equipment.

5. Archery + Dharma Protector

  • Average position: 4.3

  • Win rate: 13.6%

  • Rate in Top 4: 54.1%

  • Popularity: 2%​


If there is an Elite Champion, aim for the 6th Archery squad by adding Jhin to the squad. In the opposite case, the player can choose 4 marksmen combined with the protectors: Riven – Kennen and Azir. Try to arrange other marksmen to cover the mains to protect these champions from the attacks of the Assassins.

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