Top 5 activities not to be missed in Giang Ho Chi Mong

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Kim Dung Swordsman Blockbuster – Giang Ho Chi Mong owns a relatively “thick” feature system, complete so that even gamers who are eager to plow or curious to learn can be satisfied. Among them, there are activities that bring great benefits, be it equipment, items or experience to the player – far superior to the rest.


In the framework of this article, let’s find out the activities that players absolutely should not miss if they want to soon become a great master in Giang Ho Chi Mong:

Daily tasks: Daily quests give players a huge amount of experience and upgradeable items. With a total of 32 missions (20 experience missions, 12 wanted missions), players do not need to spend too much time to complete these tasks, especially when they can do 2 types at the same time. sometimes if both missions require killing the same type of monster – extremely convenient and time-saving but the benefits are huge.

Daily cyclic quests are easy to complete but highly effective

Types of exp – gold – equipment – precious metal: Moderate difficulty, relatively quick turnaround time are the advantages of these sub-types. The player conducts the battle through the supplement alone, receiving a lot of resources such as experience, gold, and keyed gold. Kim Nguyen Bao lock is also especially useful when it can be used to buy upgraded materials from Riding Animals, Linh Nhi, Wings … to help players increase a lot of fighting power.


Sub-division – guild boss sub-version: Although there is a relatively large difficulty when it is necessary to have a team for the player to be able to overcome these extras, the reward is extremely worth it. Gold, upgrade materials and valuable equipment will help players not be “outdated” compared to the level of reincarnation because equipment is an extremely important part of Giang Ho Chi Mong.


Boss Dungeon – World Boss: The common point of boss fighting activities is to bring a lot of equipment, experience as well as gold to the player. If the right target is selected, the player can completely fight the boss solo without the help of others. However, no matter what boss fight, there is always the potential for other players to turn on the PK to rob the boss at any time. Always be on high alert and recruit more members for the party to increase the chances of a successful boss!


Inter-server battlefield: The inter-server battlefield is a place full of dangers but also brings a lot of things that “if you don’t take the risk, you won’t get it”. In the inter-server battlefield, players can conduct operations (escort) to earn materials, experience and Troops (items that increase the player’s Military Rank). And yet, killing enemy soldiers on the battlefield will bring points to receive rewards such as materials, key gold or honor points. However, players must always be vigilant because the enemy is always lurking to PK anytime, anywhere.


Above are 5 activities that players absolutely cannot ignore in Giang Ho Chi Mong if they want to soon be able to roam in the martial arts world. Of course, there are still many other interesting activities in Giang Ho Chi Mong that players can experience and enjoy. Become a member of the blockbuster family of Kim Dung swordplay today at:​

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