Harry Potter attacks Mobile with a terrible RPG version

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It seems the name Harry Potter is journeying back to the virtual world with a new storm.. Right after the game announcement Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be developed by Niantic Labs – the father of Pokemon GO, now wizarding fans have received new good news. Accordingly, Harry Potter and his friends will return to the virtual world through Harry Potter Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – role-playing game will be developed exclusively for mobile platforms.


A special feature of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is that the game will not narrate the famous adventures of the wizard boy Harry Potter in the novel or film. Instead, players will return to Hogwarts and become a completely new student, a character of their own here. So you completely have the opportunity to explore the nooks and crannies of the school of magic never seen in the books or movies, opening your own journeys in the world of Harry Potter.


Being a student at Hogwarts also means studying famous subjects like Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions or even joining the Dueling Club. Not only that, you will also take exams and “go to class”, bringing limitless possibilities in feeling Harry Potter from the perspective of the virtual world.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will be an extremely important part of Harry Potter’s campaign to attack the virtual world. Therefore, along with this game, fans also have the opportunity to enjoy Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – a version of Harry Potter in the style of Pokemon GO, as well as many projects on both PC/Console in the future.

Forecast Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery It will be released sometime next year on both Android and iOS platforms. When the game is officially released, Emergenceingame.Com will immediately update the game download link for readers.​

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