The wanted criminal was caught by chance when he refused to wait in line to buy a game console

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Wanted criminals are the key objects of police pursuit, but they are not always caught, some of them can hide for decades and start a new life. If in the past there was a case of a wanted criminal who was caught after many years of hiding because of his appearance on a TV program, recently in the US, another wanted criminal was also accidentally caught by the police because he refused to queue. goods when you go to buy console play games.​


Job PS5 and Xbox Series X preparing to release received the attention of a large number of gamers. Both these consoles and of course Xbox Series WILL Out of stock immediately upon pre-order opening, it seems that the appeal of these consoles also makes criminals irresistible. Last September 25 at a store of GameStopwhile the crowd lined up to wait for the “birth of the next generation console”, a 34-year-old man from Cleveland, Ohio interrupted, pushed and caused a commotion in this area.​


The local police, seeing that there was a commotion, immediately went to investigate, having a habit of startling, the man mentioned above had provided the police with many conflicting personal information. He was therefore arrested for falsifying information and resisting arrest by the police. But everything did not stop there, thought this was just a normal public disturbance, but after investigating the identity, the police discovered that this man was a wanted criminal with a criminal record. rape reputation. He was later transferred to the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office.​


Although he did not specifically mention the crowd queuing in front of GameStop to buy which console, but note that Xbox The X/S series officially opened for pre-order on September 22, so many people speculated that the next generation consoles of Microsoft This is an indirect cause that helps the police catch this criminal.​

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