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1. Lillia

Needless to say, Lillia is a high-class chess piece of the Teamfight Tactics when it is an indispensable piece in the game. formation 6 Ghosts. That said, aside from the 6 Ghosts activation feature, Lillia has almost no effect at all. When the Mage squad relies entirely on Ahri and Veigar for damage, using Lillia is extremely redundant.


Moreover, with the popularity of Alchemy Towels, Lillia’s sleeping effect was almost useless. Besides, Lillia’s only 420 range is also a big weakness because you have to put her on the front line, but with generals Without the ability to defend, this piece is very difficult to survive to launch. Indeed, if you don’t play Ghost and meet Lillia, it’s no different from “bad omen”.

2. Ezreal

Although it brings too many effects to your squad, Ezreal is actually extremely difficult to use by the tribe – the system is too picky about the squad. Basically, the Forest Spirit is not a squad that you can use effectively continuously, it is only really strong when there is Elite. Besides, Ezreal also does not have an effective damage support class, instead providing additional effects from Enchantment.


The most effective way to use Ezreal right now is to play in the Forest God squad and get this guy the Mage Hat to combo with Lulu and Veigar. However, that condition is too difficult, so it’s understandable that Ezreal doesn’t appear much in meta of the Arena of Truth. Maybe Ezreal will be strong in some specific cases, but this is not a piece of superior strength to be used in every match.

3. Azir

Although possessing power is not bad, but Azir cannot shine like Sett, Yone or Zilean because of the tribe – the system is too difficult to use. The first is that the Protector system is not being overestimated at the moment because it only creates shields and does not provide defensive stats. This causes the Protector to only extend the resistance time a little, but cannot counter the opponent’s damage.


Moreover, Azir costs 5 gold and belongs to the Warlord race, so it requires you to have a strong enough formation beforehand to help this piece accumulate strength. And the question is why play Azir when you can trust another piece that is cheap, strong and explosive damage bigger than Katarina? Even if you use a Hero formation, a high level Katarina is still the number 1 priority, over owning Azir. That’s why Azir isn’t getting gamer overrated.​

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