League of Legends: Top 9 moves that make you easy to fall into the situation of “he hit his back” (P.1)

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1. Rocket Jump – Tristana

The first name is probably not too strange for many people when this is the name generals Archer quite common but most people gamer have all used. Although it is rated at an ordinary level, Tristana possesses a set of skills that need a lot of calculation and consideration from the player.


Possessing the ability to put huge damage, Tristana is a champion that can create mutations in combat thanks to the trademark rocket jumps. But as mentioned, Tristana is not an easy champion to master because behind the rocket jumps, there are many dangers hidden. Although it will cool down immediately if participating in the kill or stacking enough bombs on the opponent, it is not easy to accumulate enough passive or defeat the opponent.

Conversely, when the gunner no longer supports shielding, you will put yourself in a situation and sometimes have to lose auxiliary spells or die unjustly. So even if you know for sure that you will deal damage to the opponent, you should still consider it because sometimes 1 for 1 is not beneficial, especially when you are green.

2. Mutable Destiny – Bard

Dubbed the most difficult champion among the Support champions, Bard is known as a support have a skill set brain hack with a huge potential to turn the tide of the game thanks to his ultimate. Is one moves With the power of an hourglass, the Mutable Destiny will make everything it touches stop for a few seconds even Baron or turrets are no exception.


Needless to say, this is one of the most terrifying tools, especially for 200 IQ gamers when it can bring limitless potential in the game. However, sometimes the Mutable Destiny will also bring unbelievable irony situations when accidentally turning all teammates and opponents into gold and then falling into a disadvantage when the opponent has gathered enough troops. So, if you want to use Mutable Destiny effectively, learn to moderate it and only use it in cases where your teammates already understand what you mean because Bard is just a Support after all – it really needs teammates to coordinate create victory.

3. Rocket Hand – Blitzcrank

The name is associated with the main kidnapping phase that was extremely unexpected and caused a storm in the hands of the Madlife Saint Scissors. Blitzcrank is an easy champion to get used to and not too difficult to use. All you need to do with him is just angle and use Q Rocket Hand correctly.


But that’s not to say that you should use Rocket Hand whenever possible. When you keep this move in your body, you will create an invisible pressure on the opponent and as soon as you step up, the opponent will automatically retreat. However, once you use … slide, you will turn into a true iron when you can only silence the opponent with the ultimate or knock up a target in combat only. Not only that, even if it pulls, Blitzcrank will sometimes pull opponents that should not be pulled like Malphite, Alistar or Leona. These are heavy tank and unstoppable machines and once you pull them back you will give the enemy a chance to get close to the main force.

4. Peak Sword – Leona

Like Blizcrank, Leona is also a very scary support champion especially in the early game. The ability to dry the opponent’s blood right from level 3 with a very aggressive skill set is a characteristic that few generals possess. Leona can use the Peak of the Peak to follow the opponent and then use the remaining set of moves to block the main fuse.


This is extremely strong in the early stages when the match is only 2vs2. But coming to the mid and late game, each of Leona’s dashes contains risks because no matter how tough the champion is, Leona will still easily evaporate in the arms of 5 opponent members. . Not to mention that if used indiscriminately, you can rush straight into disadvantageous positions like enemy turrets in the early game.​

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