Despite the mockery, streamer Genshin Impact spent 46 million to film a 5-star character

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Although it is a free game, but Genshin Impact still making a lot of money, the game easily pocketed more than 50 million USD after only the first week of launch. The reason behind this huge revenue is that gamers are willing to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars to get high-level characters in the game.​


As you know, the masterpiece of miHoYo uses the gacha system, which eliminates the need for gamers to play most of the game’s content to unlock higher ranked characters. In Genshin Impact, players can get some characters for free at the start of the game, while some of the higher star level characters can only be unlocked through “Wish” or through achievements. In-game achievements such as Adventure Rank 20. Most of the four and five-star characters in the game can be obtained through the gacha system but it is difficult to collect them.​


Lacari is a streamer above Twitch, recently he attracted the attention of the Genshin Impact community when he spent heavily to own the character he wanted, despite facing many ridicule from netizens. He directly spent 1500 USD (34.7 million VND) to try his luck with the gacha system but unfortunately failed. Many viewers live stream started mocking him: “Do you know the probability of getting a five-star character? It’s only 0.6%.” Many people call him a failure for spending so much money on just one character.

Readers can watch Lacari’s Keqing unlocking video HERE

However, all was silenced when Lacari really got the five-star character he wanted: Keqing – a female character who wields the Electro sword. In total, he spent 2000 USD (46.3 million VND) for this character. Of course, this is only a small part of his journey to collect all the characters in the game.​


Like lootboxes, the free-to-play gacha system is also controversial, but games like Genshin Impact are now open for free, players can fully experience dozens of hours of gameplay without spending. spend any money. It is only when going to the more difficult areas of the game that four and five star characters and weapons become necessary. But it must also be reminded that the probability of receiving a five-star character is less than 1%, so players also need to consider carefully before following Lacari’s footsteps.​

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