Misthy caused a fever with a romantic “lip lock” in the rain with marshal Toof.P (Uni5)

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As Emergenceingame.Com recently reported, a couple of close friends recently Misthy and Linh Ngoc Dam once made a lot of fans stand still when they released the trailer “teasing” the web drama that the two shook hands with. The first web drama about careers streamer entitled “Heavenly Youth”. Next to female streamer Linh Ngoc Dam, the film also has the participation of Toof.P (Uni5), comedian Duy Khanh, and talented young faces Woossi, Di Di, Long.C, Cuong Kido. Even more special when in addition to taking on the main role, Misthy also acts as a director as well as directly participates in the production of this web drama.

“Heavenly Youth” The content revolves around the journey from the first days of entering the streamer career of close friends Misthy and Linh Ngoc Dam. Through some images revealed in the trailer, from the kissing scene in the rain between Misthy and Toof.P (Uni5), and then Linh Ngoc Dam next to Toof.P (Uni5), many people predict that this will be a love triangle full of contradictions between the couple Misthy, Linh Ngoc Dam and the classic guy. boy Toof.P (Uni5). This promises to be a web drama that not only “makes” everyone laugh, but also contains touching stories about friendship and love that any young person can more or less see the silhouette of. myself in it.

In particular, in the trailer, fans are excited when MisThy has a romantic kiss in the rain with the handsome Toof.P. With just this moment, Misthy’s fans immediately enthusiastically “pushed” the couple, hoping they are not only a couple in the movie but also in real life.

Some romantic images in the couple’s movie

Misthy and Toof.P in real life

Before that, our female streamer also made the fans a bit feverish when she had an equally sweet “lip lock” with PewPew in the web drama “The kiss of memory” and also tried to pair the couple with PewPew. together.


Although just released the trailer, “Heavy Youth” has immediately received a strong response and reception from a large number of fans. It is not known how the above love triangle will take place, but the fans have expressed concern, standing still for their idols. Don’t know who in the end love will smile between Misthy and Linh Ngoc Dam? Where will the beautiful friendship between the two go or will our two friends choose to give up their love to protect their friendship?
Episode 1 of “Heavy Youth” will officially air on August 23 on Misthy’s Youtube channel and is expected to last 4 episodes. Let’s see what Misthy’s debut product as a producer and lead actor will be like!​

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