The 10 most unforgettable moments of Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (P.1)

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10. Nick Fury’s introduction Black Widow debut

The audience to see this beautiful superheroine Black Widow is from the movie Iron Man 2, she was introduced by Nick Fury to Iron Man Tony Stark. The appearance of Black Widow makes fans extremely excited and fans Marvel also full of anticipation for her role in her future films MCU.​


9. Fight on the chair

This is the scene that many viewers expressed as having the deepest impression on Black Widow. In Avengers, although it was extremely difficult to be tied to a chair by the enemy, but after calmly answering the phone, she was able to easily defeat the men and run away. Not only that, in this scene the beauty and sexy of Black Widow is also what attracts the attention of fans.​


8. Black Widow officially fights for the first time

In Iron Man 2, there is a scene where Iron Man’s driver is driving Black Widow, now she sits in the back and changes clothes very naturally, making people look in the rearview mirror in a daze, almost cause an accident. This is also a memorable funny scene. Then, when officially entering the battle, Black Widow displayed his excellent melee combat skills that made everyone admire.

7. Black Widow kisses Captain America

In Captain America 2: The Winter Soldie, there is a scene where Black Widow and Captain America are walking together to hide from the enemy’s tracking. When two people go down the escalator together, trying not to be detected. Black Widow and Captain pretended to be a couple kissing, thus successfully escaping.

6. Located in the area

Because in order to spy in Hydra, Black Widow disguised herself as a very old woman to infiltrate. The moment she pulled the old “mask” down, turning into Black Widow must be one of the unforgettable scenes for the audience.

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