Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 4: Guide to play a Duel – Single formation

Truth arena season 4 – Learn about the power, how to play and how to map the generals in the lineup Duel – Single.

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Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 4: Guide to play a Duel – Single formation

Formation strength

Duel: Parallel champions have increased movement speed. Duel champions will gain attack speed per attack, stacking up to 8 times.

Walk alone: If you don’t stand next to other allied champions, Poison will gain a shield (1 champion) and an additional 80% lifesteal (2 champions)

Duel - Single
Duel – Single

The Duel lineup will give you a lot of attack speed when you reach all 8 stacks. Combining with Solo and a number of other races will bring unexpected effects. The strength of the roster will focus on the damage done by Yasuo and Kalista. More about the external Yasuo, the attack speed boost from Duel, the Single buff when Yone is on the field will give this champion up to 80% lifesteal, a terrible amount of lifesteal.

The problem with building this squad will lie in keeping the points and increasing the level until the number of champions is enough. With up to 2 5 gold generals in the squad, building will be tougher but will be very strong in the future.

How to play and organize your squad


The standard champions in the lineup include:

  • Tanker: Jax, Fiora, Shen
  • Main damage: Kalista, Yasuo
  • Support: Lee Sin, Janna, Yone.

It can be seen that the combined formation will activate quite a lot of clans including: 6 Duels, 2 Poisoners, 2 Great Masters, 2 Gods, 2 Enlightenment, 2 Mysteries, 1 Ninja.

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How to dress

The Jax, Fiora and Shen ta trio of tankers don’t need much or even no attachments. The amount of equipment acquired will prioritize Yasuo and Kalista, if left over, go to Yone or Lee Sin. Specifically:

  • Yasuo: Hand of Justice (or Infinity Sword), Angel Armor, Mercury Cloak.
  • Kalista: The Wind Blade, the Grand Palace, and the Giant Extermination.
  • The rest of the equipment can be divided equally Lee Sin or Yone.

I wish you success with the Duel formation – Single!

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