PUBG Mobile & BGMI: Why is Livik the least popular map?

Livik PUBG Mobile 7 - Emergenceingame

Livik was once a favorite map in PUBG Mobile when released. However, now Livik is “estranged” again. Why so?

Livik map in PUBG Mobile

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Livik is the only exclusive map for PUBG Mobile/BGMI, which means you can’t find it on all PUBG maps in the PC version. It takes inspiration from all the other maps plus features like waterfalls, colorful houses, beautiful flower fields and more. However, Livik is no longer as popular as it was originally for the following reasons.

Why is Livik in PUBG Mobile & BGMI unpopular?

Livik is too small

Livik is one of PUBG Mobile’s smallest maps, only 2×3 km. With such a size, the battles are continuous and the player does not even have time to breathe. Although some people like it, most people find the battle on PUBG Mobile’s Livik map too stressful and don’t like to land here.

No one wants to be ambushed

Livik in PUBG is really too small. Each time, a fight occurs, a third party has the ability to jump in. Imagine winning a fierce battle with 10HP left but then being finished off by a few people who had just arrived in this area, how would it feel? Very bad isn’t it?

Too many ambush points on PUBG Mobile

Sniper is not as strong as direct attack

On PUBG Mobile’s Livik map, you are forced to fight at close or medium range due to its small size and large number of players. If you are a sniper, you will face many disadvantages here when against someone who is used to direct attacks. Beginners, ambushes, or rank pushers are usually terminated within minutes of landing in Livik.

As you can see the map Livik really brought many disadvantages to the player. That’s the reason Livik is no longer popular on PUBG Mobile.

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