How to play the game BTS Universe Story for beginners

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BTS Universe Story is a story about the BTS universe but created by you. Everything you want about BTS is within reach. If you are a fan of this popular Korean boy group, you should not ignore it BTS Universe Story.

Welcome interface game BTS Universe Story

BTS Universe Story for Android BTS Universe Story for iOS

Here it is everything you need to know about BTS Universe Story, including gameplay, game rules and more.

How to play the game BTS Universe Story for beginners

1. Choose your own adventure

After downloading and installing the game BTS Universe Story on Android or iOS. If you like the gameplay creating another story – Another Story by BTS World, this feature is for you. BTS Universe Story includes original stories in which you will take each BTS member into a new fictional role, such as a detective.

Assign the role to a BTS member in the game BTS Universe Story

BTS Universe Story offers style choices Choose Your Own Adventure – Choose your own adventure to decide the outcome of the story.

An original story in BTS Universe Story

Like BTS World, this game uses a ticket system. You will lose one free ticket at each section. When the free tickets run out, you have two options: one is to wait for the next “free” ticket, the other is to buy a ticket to continue.

Choose your own story in BTS Universe Story

2. Augmented reality

The AR feature allows BTS Universe Story players to swap faces with BTS’s cartoon characters and bring them into real space. Through AR, BTS can dance, hang out with you anywhere.

3. Create templates for BTS

Congratulations, you are now a style designer for BTS. You can choose from everything from hairstyles and dyes to everyday idols’ outfits. You will find here a lot of real-life suits.

Customize costumes for BTS Universe Story
BTS member costume

Or fantasy costumes like this:

Costume design for BTS Universe Story

4. Composing stories about BTS

BTS Universe Story Help BTS fans who are passionate about writing stories to become a true writer. Here, you can manually write on all your desired stories about idol life, choose settings, assign roles to each character …

Story creation mode in BTS Universe Story

Write the conversation in the box Enter Dialogue:

Import conversation into BTS Universe Story

And see how your story plays out right in the game BTS Universe Story:

Follow your story in BTS Universe Story

5. Rules of the game BTS Universe Story

Choosing the story progression in BTS Universe Story

There is no limit to creativity, but like every other game, BTS Universe Story also has rules that must be followed by players. Basically, you need to remember absolutely not to compose stories containing violent, illegal, defamatory, or adult content. Writing stories about the romantic relationships between BTS members is also discouraged.

The above is how to play BTS Universe Story and everything to know for beginners. Hope the article is useful to you.

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