How to receive a pet in Among Us

It’s really somewhat ironic when Among Us – a somewhat brutal game still tries to bring the cute element of pets into the match. And any game too, a game cannot exist without ads or players spend money in the game. That’s why when it comes to generating revenue with add-ons and purchases, Innersloth takes full advantage of ensuring that you’ll have to spend some in-game money, including work. Introducing an array of cute pets that always follow your heels in every step.

Among Us
Among Us

Among Us’s Pets

Although it costs money to buy, but the pets in Among Us have only a few roles as scenes, no more no less. Basically, they will follow the player everywhere and if their owner is killed by the imposter, the pet will stay where the player died and cry. For added drama, the pet will also show fear when the player is murdered – an animation that you will get used to if you play this game.

Use money to buy pet
Use money to buy pet

How to have pets in Among Us

Unfortunately there is no way for you to adopt pets for free in Among Us. You have to spend money to buy the pets you like in the game store (if you are using the mobile version) or buy Add-ons from Steam for PC players. All pet plans cost $ 2.99 on all platforms.

Many types of pet for you to choose from
Many types of pet for you to choose from

Among Us’s pet packages include:

  • Hamster pet pack.
  • Bedcrab pet pack
  • Brainslug pet pack
  • Mini pet package.
  • Mini Crewmate Package
  • Stickmin pet package.

In Among Us, pets are not really animals. Instead, think of them like creatures of the crew. Chances are in the future there will be some event or incentive for you to receive free pets. Do not miss it!

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