Detecting a huge “grit” on Pokemon cards, hard fans may not have noticed

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Pokemon Trading Card Game is one of the games card most successful franchise of all time, playing an important role in making Pokemon the world’s most popular and highest-grossing franchise in history. Over the past 20 years, how many Pokemon Cards was released, but until today, a huge “grain” on the back of the cards was discovered by a fan. Even if you are a “hard fan”, it is unlikely that you have realized this.

“It took me more than 20 years to realize Pokeball on the Pokemon card is opened on the wrong side”

Posting on Twitter, user nickname TAHKO pointed out, there is something wrong with the image of the Pokeball ball appearing on the back of the Pokemon card. The design on the card shows the Pokeball’s red cap open, separated from the button in the middle. However, according to the original, this button must be attached to that red shell.

Explaining this error, TAHKO said, the design of Pokeball has changed a lot since it was first launched. There was a time when the button was placed at the top instead of the middle as it is now. The final design was chosen as we know it today, when opened, the button part will separate from the white cap and attach to the red cap but for some reason, the Pokeball image on the plates still does not work. redesign.


If you do not pay close attention, surely many people will not realize this design error. However, with a card game world’s most famous as Pokemon, it’s surprising that the developer has not moved to fix Pokeball after all these years. Currently, TAHKO’s post is attracting the attention of many Pokemon fans. Hopefully this will catch the attention of the Pokemon company, but whether they make any changes in the future, we will probably have to wait until the game’s expansions are released. in the near future.​

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