Famous collector has all Yu-Gi-Oh! cards stolen, losing more than 22 billion

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In the past few years, collecting card has become the hobby of many famous collectors, which also contributes to pushing up the prices of rare cards towering, sometimes even worth a lifetime’s fortune. Recently, collectors Yu-Gi-Oh! Japan was shocked by a famous collector in the world who recently shared that all the cards he kept carefully were stolen.​

Everything is empty after just one night

“Ca” is a well-known collector, often trading cards with other like-minded people. Of course, in Ca’s house, he kept a lot of cards, enough to fill several cabinets. Recently had a nightmare for Ca, on Twitter, he shared that the thief had stolen all of his cards. Not only that, all cash, valuables, antiques were stolen.

It is known that the total value of Ca’s cards is up to 100 million Japanese yen (about 22 billion VND), but because there are many extremely rare cards, the online community speculates that the damage may be even higher than the cards. what Ca shares. Not only losing money, losing artifacts, but just thinking about the time it takes to collect so many models and cards is enough to make Ca collapse.​


Another collector was also robbed on November 4th

Not only Ca, a few days ago there was also a similar theft in Japan. The victim of the burglary is also a house collect cards Yu-Gi-Oh!, her entire property was stolen by thieves, the loss was about 4 million Japanese yen (about 882 million VND).​

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