How to safely top up VNG and League of Legends Riot Games cards

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Riot Games after owning League of Legends proceeded to change the extremely preferential RP conversion price for gamers. So hurry up and grab this opportunity to top up the League of Legends Riot VNG card to own a huge RP package.

Loading League of Legends Riot VNG cards at this time will be more beneficial than ever because the RP value received on the Riot server will increase 5 times compared to the Garena server. Along with that is a mass discount of items and costumes that will help you own rare League of Legends Riot VNG skins without spending too much.

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How to nap the riot phone alliance?

Guide to top up League of Legends Riot VNG thẻ

I. Changes in price and RP in League of Legends Riot VNG

League of Legends after converting to the new NPH, the RP value of the item was also restructured and adjusted to the price in accordance with the price structure across the region. Existing items in your account will not be affected by this refactoring.
– The RP price on the Riot server changes specifically as follows:
+ 1000VND = 10.6 RP (an increase of 8.4 RP compared to Garena server).
+ Ezreal Warrior Academy skin: 1,820 RP (7.27 USD = 171,770 VND).
+ Sweet Tea Shop Gwen Outfit: 1,350 RP (5.39USD = 127.411 VND).
+ Multicolor Grand Admiral Glasc: 290 RP (1.16 USD = 27,370 VND).
+ Dragon World Grand Admiral Egg: 490 RP (1.96 USD = 46,246 VND).

II. How to top up VNG League card, League of Legends Riot Games

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Visit the Riot Game homepage and create a Riot ID account
Step 2: Open League of Legends, go to the Store => select Buy RP.
Step 3: Select package => Payment.

2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: First you need to install League of Legends VNG on your computer.

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Step 2: Visit Riot Games homepage HERE => Select Log in.

how to download the riot phone alliance on pc

Step 3: Import username, password (1) or login with Facebook, Google, Apple ID, Xbox accounts.

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Step 4: Click arrow icon Go.

How to connect the riot phone alliance on computer?

Step 5: Self-set Riot ID and Tagline optional => Press Save changes.
– Tagline consists of 5 digits, can be set manually or randomly selected from the system.
– You can change your Riot ID after 30 days.

How to download RP of riot phone alliance?

Step 6: Open League of Legendspress shop icon => Select buy RP.

how to nap RP alliance phone server VNG

Step 7: Here will display the name RiotID together Tagline you just created.
Step 8: Select payment methods => Click shopping cart icon in the respective package.
– For example: Taimienphi choose to pay with ZaloPay.

Huong Dan nap the alliance server VNG

Step 9: Press Pay now

how to nap the alliance VNG riot game

Step 10: Open ZaloPay to scan QR code displayed on the screen for payment.
Step 11: Select Check transaction results to review the status of your card purchase.

How to nap the alliance?
Once you have successfully loaded the League of Legends Riot VNG card, you can use the purchased RP to exchange champions, unlock new and more attractive skins and game modes. Spend and use your RP wisely.

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