Swearing in Rainbow Six Seige can get you banned forever

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Toxic (the term used to refer to the “concave” attitude and swearing at teammates just to please the gamers’ mouths) is an alarming situation for the whole gaming industry. Game makers seem to have lost all their patience with these types of gamers, and are making stronger decisions in handling them. If Blizzard is currently conducting AI training to prevent this behavior in Overwatch, then Ubisoft also gave a permanent ban to those who like to use language to attack others in Rainbow Six Seige.


According to Ubisoft’s official announcement, the new level of punishment will be applied to “toxic” gamers. They can be banned for as little as 2 days, and at most permanently. Moreover, this is just the beginning of a series of drastic changes by Ubisoft in Rainbow Six Seige. In the upcoming season 3 update (about the second half of this year), players can be banned from chatting, or blocked from using offensive language (automatically). Besides, the system searches and marks the likes kill teammates will also be developed and improved.

In order to increase the realism of the game, Rainbow Six Seige players can damage or kill their teammates if they aim incorrectly or accidentally. However, many troublemakers take advantage of this feature to ruin the experience of others. To deal with that situation, Ubisoft is developing a system to “find and mark players who like to kill teammates through consecutive games”. In fact, the game already has a similar system, but it is not working very effectively because the crooks have too many ways to circumvent the law. With the upcoming update, this system will be improved and tightened, to give the “soul worms” the punishment they deserve.

Many people are looking forward to these drastic measures more than the update Outbreak last time of Rainbow Six Seige

Before this move of Ubisoft, community Rainbow Six Seige showed enthusiastic support. Even many gamers think that this game company has acted too slowly until now to be strong with such game breakers. “I expect this to be more than their last Outbreak update”_One gamer shared, and suggested that Ubisoft should focus on improving the “punishment” features they promised above more than giving new game content. Obviously, the real players are also tired of the game-breaking mobs that are everywhere in Rainbow Six Seige.

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