SCUM reached 1 million copies in less than 1 month, giving gamers “One Three” gold plated

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If you are passionate about the line survival game you must have heard of SCUM – one of the most “hardcore” rookies today. Speaking hardcore because SCUM narrates all the important activities inside the human body, requiring the player to take care of the character little by little if they want to survive to the end of the journey.

The best example of a complex gameplay system is the ability to count each character’s teeth, decide whether they can accept solid or liquid food and determine if they have enough nutrients for the body. . Not only that, the game also measures both minerals and vitamins in the player’s blood to decide on a variety of different survival skills that gamers possess when alone in the world out there.


It is because of this factor that SCUM created a whole new trend in the virtual world, even becoming the second most-streamed game on Twitch after Fortnite. It also became the driving force for SCUM to reach 1 million copies sold in less than 1 month since its release. And to celebrate that milestone, SCUM gives players a brand new weapon.


Accordingly, each SCUM player will receive a “DEagle .50”, a weapon that used to be familiar with the name “Green Silver” or “One Three” in Counter-Strike. However, instead of wearing the usual look like in CS or other games, SCUM’s “One Three” version will be plated in gold .. creating a very expensive and cool look every time the character plays. hold in hand.


Player SCUM There will be a period from now until the end of September 25 to receive this weapon while gamers who own the Support Pack will be given an extra wristwatch.. of course completely in the virtual world. of the game.

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