How far is Iron Man’s new armor in Avengers Infinity War?

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Avengers Infinity War officially confirmed Iron Man’s brand new armor, giving fans the identity and somewhat of its abilities. However, few people know that the armor is based on the operating principle of the comic version … which is considered one of the most notorious inventions that Iron Man has ever owned. So how strong is it and will it be strong enough to confront Thanos? Readers, let’s find out with Emergenceingame.Com.



Name Bleeding Edge, Iron Man’s new armor is technically not an armor. Using Nano technology, it acts like a metallic liquid that flows out from within Tony’s body and forms an outer shell. Therefore, the Bleeding Edge does not have a mechanical or articulated movement system. Because of that ability to change, Bleeding Edge is ready to change to anything Tony wants… from normal clothes to terrorist armor like Hulkbuster.

In the comic version, Bleeding Edge is made up of billions of Nano Bots and each of those Bots is directly connected to the nervous system. This means that it not only enhances the body’s physical combat ability, but also further boosts brain activity. The biggest advantage from this is the ability to adapt and learn new technology, allowing Iron Man to confront the forces of the universe. The distinguishing feature of Bleeding Edge from other armor models is that Iron Man’s entire body is covered with Repulsor technology instead of just in the palm of the hand like the old models.



Iron Man’s weakness lies in the name “Iron Man”. Wearing armor made of metal, Tony is always faced with damage that sometimes there is no way to repair. In Iron Man 3 when Tony confronts the members of Extremis this is most eloquently demonstrated. A series of Models were mercilessly destroyed at the hands of Extremis, making fans “heartbroken”.

However, with Bleeding Edge, it is different when the new technology brought to Iron Man is the ability to self-heal any damage or damage on the armor. As long as the Arc Reactor is still powered, the Nano Bot can clone itself and replace the lost part.


Unlimited Weapons

Continuing is another advantage that Nano technology brings. As long as Iron Man has the blueprint, Bleeding Edge can be produced and transformed into a weapon in hand. Therefore, from guns in the palm of your hand to super heavy cannons, Iron Man can be used. The image of Iron Man deploying his entire mobile “fortress” to face Thanos will make viewers shudder in Avengers Infinity War.


Combined with Uru

It seems that Bleeding Edge is not strong enough, Marvel also gives Iron Man access to Uru – the magical metal that makes Mjonir, Gungir and countless famous Asgard weapons. During the event of Fear Itself when the god of fear, The Serpent, ravaged the Earth, Iron Man called for help from the outside. Odin. In response, Odin gives Iron Man access to Asgard’s arsenal and especially Uru – a metal that only exists in Nidavellir. Iron Man then uses Uru to create weapons for Earth’s superheroes while jumping straight into the pool of melted Uru wearing his Bleeding Edge armor. With Odin’s will and magic embedded in his armor, Iron Man officially became Iron Destroyer insane power.


Despite being extremely anticipated by fans on the film, perhaps these events will not take place in Avengers Infinity War, but will instead be “saved” by Marvel for future projects.​

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