VLTKm – Surpassing Tieu Tran Nu, Duong Hieu Pham quietly regained the position of “former king”

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Since its debut, it can be seen that the competition for rankings on the battle strength chart of Martial Arts Mobile always takes place extremely exciting, thrilling and volatile, with billions of dollars races between extremely bloody giants.

Notably, recently, the name Tieu Tran Nu must have been no stranger to many people because of her divine ability to climb Top. From a person who has never been “named”, she suddenly rose to the top 3 position in three weeks, a few hundred thousand fighting forces behind the former king Duong Hieu Pham. But just a few days later, Tieu Tran Nu officially rose to occupy the No. 1 position in the rankings with more than 10 million fighting forces, a difference of more than 60,000 points from Duong Hieu Pham at that time. It was thought that this was just “a glorious minute and then suddenly turned off”, but this giant woman could not help but make many people admire when entrenched in this position for the past 2 months and was also the first female gamer. reached the milestone of 10 million combat power.

Portrait of female gamer Tran Ton – TieuTran Female in real life

Because of her spectacular chase, it seems that Duong Hieu Pham’s name seems to temporarily “calm down” after a period of storming on the chart. However, until yesterday, people would really believe the saying “form is temporary, class is forever” when the former king of war suddenly returned to the Top 1 position, even more profitable. more harmful than before with more than 11.5 million combat forces, leaving quite a distance away from the female giant Tieu Tran Nu with a difference of more than 400 thousand.


Thus, up to now, there have been 4 giants of VLTK Mobile reaching the milestone of over 11 million combat forces, followed by 9 giants with over 10 million combat forces, and it can be seen that the race for this force is still non-stop. change every day. According to previous information, Tieu Tran Nu seemed to be preparing to get on a flower car when she suddenly “showed off” on her personal Facebook page that her boyfriend proposed to her. Since then, many people have questioned whether she will continue to “pay” for VLTK Mobile in the future. Now the answer is probably somewhat clear when the female giant still maintains her form quite well, the fighting force is still increasing steadily, maybe it’s just unfortunate “falling” before the chase to usurp the throne too quickly and danger of the former king Duong Hieu Fan only.

Let’s wait and see what action Tieu Tran Nu will make after losing this Top 1 position or how the battle force rankings of VLTK Mobile will change in the near future!

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