Admiring the love of the couple born on the same day of the same month, they are blessed with Au Love

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Many people say that love is always a random but magical arrangement of fate. For the couple Gamer Au Love that Emergenceingame.Com shared below, perhaps this is more true because in addition to passion and interest, the two are also linked by an interesting common point, which is being born on the same day of the same month. And most of all, the young couple even crossed a distance of thousands of kilometers to celebrate their sweet birthday together, making any couple jealous.


Although love is rooted in the virtual world and above all, the geographical distance is extremely far, but with sincere affection, the two have so far spent nearly half a year together.


Getting to know each other and falling in love through games has always been associated with the label of ‘virtual love’, and people often have little faith in its good outcome. Love is the same, “far from face, far from heart”, and reality also shows that many couples because of the distance are too far apart, if not prevented by family, the feelings will also self-fracture and fade. blur. But perhaps the sweet love story of the couple Dy Ha and Dung Bi in the above sharing will be a great proof that completely refute those prejudices.


The current happiness of the gamer couple comes from Au Love could not help but make many people around to secretly admire. A lot of members in Au Love community sent blessings to the love of the young couple.


When looking at the love of this young couple, perhaps many people will feel doubtful about its sustainability. But the writer believes one thing that both Dy Ha and Dung Bi are very confident in their other half and most importantly, they feel satisfied and extremely happy with the love they have. .

Love has no reason, and once love is big enough, people will easily overcome all obstacles to get together. Every love is beautiful and also worthy of respect. Let’s join Emergenceingame.Com to wish the young couple’s love forever as strong and sweet as it is now!
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