Super God of War: GMO general card 4.0 officially launched, giving away 300 Giftcode

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Don’t keep gamers waiting any longer, gMO general card 4.0: Super God of War Generals was officially launched, ending the series of days of rolling around on the international server playing for the community’s “help”. Right now, readers can download the game HERE.​

Come on in right away, bro!

For those who do not know, Super God of War Chess is the only game on the market today that integrates both card and slash elements into gameplay. Instead of letting players control the generals like other products of the same type, Super God of War Generals focuses on only one main character. Secondary generals still appear but act as a series of special skills for the player to summon. Simply put, every time you accumulate enough anger, you will in turn “borrow” power from Quan Vu, Trieu Van, Lu Bo … to defeat the enemy.​

The first photos posted by server 1 gamers

Normally, when playing other general card games, you will only interact a lot by clicking skills for the generals to attack. But in Super God of War, with the combination of the above hack and slash elements, players will be able to dodge moves, describe conflicts, move their characters continuously skillfully. Remember, when hundreds of enemies rush forward, if you stand still and take the hit, the loss will be 100%. However, when you master how to move, dodge and execute correctly, even the most difficult Bosses will be easily defeated by you.​


Backed by sharp graphics, “adult” character creation and eye-catching skill effects, Super God of War will realize what the player arranges with bloody, intense battles. stamped, tense and majestic than ever. Every time you summon a champion, you can admire the extremely eye-catching incarnations with a destructive power that sweeps the entire enemy team, and enjoy the unique feeling of “tight” and “slash”. .


In addition, the outstanding point of Super God of War compared to all other similar products on the market is the unlocked equipment. This means, you can trade with other players for profit. And this trading system in the game is called Cho Ky Deposit. Players can now trade good souls with each other, which means that everyone can own a strong, standard squad. Competition in the game will be pushed higher.


Because it is the only game on the market that possesses a unique gameplay: the slash and slash hybrid card, Super God of War will be a real challenge and a whole new experience for any gamer. , even if he is a “tactical old man”. However, newbies should not worry too much, after a period of plowing on the international version and the Alpha Test phase, the experience of building champions, forming squads, using KNB … has been shared a lot in this game. Community group of the game. You guys can refer HERE.


On the occasion of the launch, BQT Super God of War Generals would like to give to all gamers giftcode experience, each code includes:​

What are you waiting for, let’s dive into the game and enjoy the feeling of “chopping” and “slashing” extremely hot today!
Download games HERE.

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