Revealing gamers to destroy 1691 games on Playstation

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A lot of players of Play Station Everyone wants to become a trophy hunter, they will try their best to complete all the tasks in the game to win the trophy. And the platinum trophy is the rarest trophy in all the games, the premise to own these prestigious platinum trophies is that the player must win all the other trophies in the game, The difficulty of getting yourself a platinum trophy makes many players regretfully step back. But there are exceptions to everything, recently a gamer named Hakoom Karim (Twitter account Hakoom) has set a record Guinness thanks to the number of platinum trophies I’ve won.


On October 6, 2018, Hakoom Karim posted on his Twitter his certificate of Guinness world record, according to which Hakoom has been recognized as the holder of the most platinum trophies on PS. As of September 19, 2018, Hakoom has won 1691 platinum trophies, setting a new Guinness record.


After setting a Guinness record, Hakoom did not stop but continued on the way to conquer other games. Up to now, the total number of platinum trophies won by Hakoom Karim has reached 1717, the total number of trophies won is 70127. In the 2522 games that I have played, Hakoom has broken 2074 games, the completion rate of the mission is up to 90.93%, on average he won 18.71 trophies every day, which is a number that makes people impressive.​


Looking at some pictures of Hakoom with dark circles under his eyes, many people have to wonder if Hakoom hasn’t slept for years, and at the same time, many people have to admire for the passion and perseverance that Hakoom has. for games.​

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