Play Fortnite jerky? Please apply the following trick to make the game smoother

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Fortnite: Battle Royale was officially released and immediately became a rival to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, especially when this game is completely free. However, despite having a slightly cartoonish graphic style, Fortnite still does not make gamers with weak configurations feel lighter. With complex effects, this game still shakes its head with many people. Therefore, readers, please join Emergenceingame.Com and LowSpecGamer to dig deeper into game data, thereby allowing gamers with devices weaker than even the lowest configuration announced by Epic Games to enjoy this masterpiece.


Step 1: The first thing to do is to show hidden folders. To access this option, go to the Control Panel of your PC, navigate to Folder Option and click the View tab. At the View tab you can see the line “Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives”. Please tick this line.

Step 2: Then you access in order: Local Disk C => Users => “Username on your PC” => AppData => FortniteGames => Saved => Config => WindowsClient. In the WindowsClient Folder you can see a file named Engine.ini. Stay in this file.


After opening this file, please navigate to the topic [SystemSetting] and started tweaking more of what Fortnite’s Options section showed up. In the ScreenPercentage section, you can understand it as a percentage of the normal resolution. For example, 20 is only 20% of the normal resolution. The lower you go, the more blurred and jagged the image becomes, but the higher the frame rate.


Meanwhile in the last 2 lines only the effect of trees and plants in the game you can also turn off completely if you return this number to 0. 3 lines of titles are Streaming.MipBias, MaxAnisotropy and Streaming.PoolSize are 3 lines that affect the texture quality of the model. Think of the texture as the outer layers of the model. The more detailed the coating, the sharper the model, for example, the pockets, badges, fabric details become more prominent, more depth.. or the eyes and nose become clearer, darker.. However, if the frame rate is still low, you can completely reduce the above 3 lines to the value shown in the picture, making the quality of the texture even lower than the Low level of the game.


The last line is ViewDistanceScale, allowing the player to fine-tune how the game builds models over distance. The smaller the value, the less objects the player can see in the distance, but if it is too low, the moving image of the opponent on the screen is no longer seamless. In the video you can see the enemy as if being teleported in short intervals, making aiming more difficult. Therefore, it is recommended that readers do not tweak this item but leave it at the default value. For readers who have not had a chance to play Fortnite Battle Royale or have played but found that your configuration does not meet the requirements, please try to download the game again via the following link. Who knows, the frame rate will improve for you.

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