Want to warm up to the World Cup in the game? You can’t “miss” this cool PES shop

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World Cup 2018 is at the most important and hot moments, where the candidates for the championship begin to “take shape”. That’s how it is in real life, in the virtual world, the blazing heat of World Cup nor ignore any corner.. And as an unwritten rule, whenever we talk about virtual football, we are talking about the burning images in the world. PES . restaurant. But the problem here is which PES shop can satisfy difficult gamers, can relieve the heat of a World Cup in the gaming world?

For many Ha Thanh gamers throughout the past time, the most “standard” answer can still only be Ps4Ocean. Already famous in the past, but Ps4Ocean now continues to expand even more with a new branch called Ps4Ocean 2all to meet the huge needs of the gaming community in this hot World Cup season.


Located on GameHome4 complex at the end of lane 109 Truong Chinh street, Ps4Ocean 2 guarantee both quality and quantity for the most demanding gamers. With a total of 24 machines PS4 Pro With 20 Sony FullHD 50′ screens and 4 Sony 4KHDR 55′ screens, Ps4Ocean 2 ensures gamers don’t have to “frustrate” in the selection problem. You can absolutely play PES with your friends or sit and feel the most graphic games on PS4 Pro with standard 4K display.

In terms of “logistics”, gamers also do not have to worry when Ps4Ocean 2 has enough air conditioning system, serving food and drinks, free motorbike security with 24/24 service if you feel find myself… strong enough. PS4Ocean 2 is also fully equipped with high-quality lounge chairs, with tables designed specifically for PS4 enthusiasts. And for smokers, you will also be taken care of with a private smoking room that ensures space for you as well as for everyone around.


The interesting thing is Ps4Ocean 2 also serve the whole people… no PS. If you want to fight the hottest PC games, watch an Esports tournament that is hot right now or simply want to cheer before the top matches of the World Cup, Ps4Ocean 2 is also ready to serve you with a 200-seat stage modern seats and projectors.

But what is the most important thing? Those are all great conditions and services that only require you to pay the same price as before, eliminating immediately questions like quality services, prices will increase or not.. And even more joyfully, as a gratitude to Emergenceingame.Com readers, Ps4Ocean 2 will offer 20% off for anyone who uses the code “Emergenceingame.Com” on opening day, a unique opportunity for you to rock this awesome PES shop. .


As Ps4Ocean officially announced, the 2nd branch will officially opened on July 10 here at the address “end of lane 109 Truong Chinh – Hanoi”, guaranteed to satisfy your needs no matter what type of gamer you are. Readers can also refer to more detailed information as well as answer their questions via Ps4Ocean’s Fanpage here:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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