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Metal Revolution is a fighting game that brings the imprint of traditional arcade games to the mobile platform. Developed by Yoozoo GamesMetal Revolution gives players full control over each beautifully designed robot character with options to block attack from enemies.

Those robots can be gangsters of the 1930s, a martial arts expert specializing in nunchaku, even a sexy nun armed with a gun,… Besides, the control mechanism is extremely simple. Simple with virtual keyboard design similar to role-playing games, giving players more flexibility in moving. From there, you can master basic combat moves, making it easy for even new players to use great combos.

The game’s unique blocking and countermeasures also allow players to reverse a battle situation while being passively pressed to defend. Metal Revolution also adds many attractive game modes such as Arcade mode, Fighting mode, Training mode, Rank battle, Event arena, etc. to let players express themselves. 60fps/s picture quality provides a precise and smooth experience that helps players skillfully rise to the top when battling opponents from around the world.


Metal Revolution is now available to download for free on Google Play in early access and will land on the App Store one day.

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