Summoners War MMORPG – Super giant boss battle through the latest trailer

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Summoners War is one of the most influential games on Mobile when, over the years, it still maintains a strong community around the world. That success is due to a great gameplay with lasting value as well as the ability to connect between gamers. But every success comes to an end, every flame must be extinguished to make room for future generations. Although Summoners War still maintains its strong momentum, it’s time for the game to start turning a different path.. and version Summoners War MMORPG is the answer to that.


Announced not too long ago, the MMORPG version of Summoners War promises to expand the game world to a whole new level with free play and many times the scale. And now in the event G-Star 2017 still hot in Korea, Com2uS officially launched Summoners War MMORPG… continues to raise the fire of anticipation in the hearts of fans.

In fact, Summoners War MMORPG was introduced alongside 4 other games through a composite trailer. That is Chain Strike, Heroes War II, Birdie Crush and Dancevil. These games with each name with a different style promise to become the pioneer army for Com2uS to attack the Game Mobile village in the future.


On the side of Summoners War multiplayer Online Game version, the game will let gamers enjoy an action-packed gameplay style and travel between a free world with almost no barriers. However, the image of summoning beasts or heroes from legends to bring into battle will still play a key role in this MMORPG version, along with the old and new features to bring success to the game.


Presently Summoners War MMORPG There is no official release date yet, but Emergenceingame.Com will keep you updated with the latest information in the future.​

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