The latest Full Code of Ant Kingdom 2/2023 and how to enter

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The journey to build an empire in Gamota Ant Kingdom is not simple, you will start by finding resources through quests, dramatic challenges and fighting many other insects. Redeem the latest Ant Kingdom 2023 Code that the publisher Gamota provides to help you collect more resources,

Ant Kingdom Gamota will aim to develop and protect the ramparts, providing a safe growing environment for eggs and ants. You will become an ant queen and plan to build nests, dig tunnels, and build structures scientifically to create the ideal ant kingdom.

1. Game Introduction Game Kingdom Ant Gamota

In Gamota Ant Kingdom, you will participate in the fight to protect the stronghold from the invasion of alien creatures such as centipedes, scorpions,… In order not to lose resources and territories, you can become Form an alliance to develop together and destroy the enemy. Besides, you need to form one, train an army of ants with thousands of ants and special ants to make the competitive process easier.

2. Outstanding features of the game Ant Kingdom Gamota

– The gameplay of survival, building and defending the castle is attractive.
– Eye-catching and impressive 3D graphics.
– Dramatic challenge with alien creatures
– Unique egg hatching feature.
– Exciting event activities.

code for the kingdom of gamota

Synthesize the latest Code of Ant Kingdom Gamota

3. What are the benefits of entering Game Code Gamota Ant Kingdom?

Enter the Gamota Ant Kingdom Code to help you collect many valuable resources, items and maybe even rare ant eggs. Gift items are changed regularly, providing breakthrough power and efficiency.

4. Code of Ant Kingdom Gamota

CODE 6: dbwztpth
CODE 7: oosruzql
CODE 8: joingroup
CODE 9: gdrruzav
CODE 10: hotpot
CODE 12: lczlojfm
CODE 13: engyntph
CODE 14: rubiblcp
CODE 15: TheAnts666

5. How to enter Gamota Ant Kingdom Code

Step 1: Complete guide to playing Ant Kingdom Gamota
Step 2: At the main interface, click the table Dominion Information => choose Setting.

enter the game code of the kingdom of gamota

Step 3: In the table Settingselect GiftCode under,
Step 4: Import Code of Ant Kingdom Gamota latest, press Confirm.

giftcode king of gamota

6. How to get new Gamota Ant Kingdom Code
Please join the event on Fanpage and Group to receive many different Gamota Ant Kingdom Codes.
– Gamota Ant Kingdom homepage:
– Gamota Ant Kingdom Fanpage:
– Group of Ant Kingdom Gamota
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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